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RESPECT Ghana is an affiliate of RESPECT International. In line with the stated goals of RESPECT International, RESPECT Ghana is also poised to fully serve as the link between the international community and the refugee community in Ghana.

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RESPECT Ghana has a team of volunteers currently running the affairs of the organization. Their unlimited support and devotion is pushing the organization so high that in some few years to come, RESPECT Ghana would be a major force to reckon with when it comes to raising awareness on refugee issues in Ghana. These groups of volunteers have contributed in several diverse ways to ensuring that all the stated goals and aims are worked at with much precision.

RESPECT Ghana also has some volunteer experts who are contributing their ideas as to how programs and activities could be initiated to raise general awareness about refugee issues, to bridge the gap between students in developed worlds and refugee students as well as liaise with international affiliates to see how best refugees could be assisted. RESPECT Ghana has also outlined a number of future programs and plans as well as its readiness to offer its rich human resource to work in partnership with any organization that seeks to be interested in refugee issues and matters relating to human rights and global peace.

RESPECT Ghana working for Durable Solutions

RESPECT Ghana recognizes and works actively with various stakeholders and the refugee community towards ensuring that the durable solutions for refugee crises are promoted and supported. Innovative project schemes by refugees themselves are also actively pursued and supported. However, RESPECT Ghana supports:

  • Resettlement: RESPECT Ghana's position is that this option must be explored alongside other measures to allow refugees to settle permanently in a third country when they are not able to return to their country of origin or integrate locally in their country of asylum. Resettlement is a unique way for the sharing of the responsibility of assistance and protection provision by developed countries and will help give refugees the opportunities to contribute in other ways towards life in their new communities.
  • Repatriation: This is currently ongoing in Ghana (2007) for the return of refugees to their country of origin. RESPECT Ghana's position is that repatriation must be voluntary and must enable refugees to return safely and with dignity to their home countries.
  • Local integration: The agreement of a host country to allow refugees to remain permanently in that country. RESPECT Ghana's position is that livelihood options need to be made available for refugees to become self-reliant in the pursuit of this goal. Their full rights to local communities must be guaranteed and supported by support institutions without any discrimination and with the rights to maintain their own cultural identity.

How you can help

The first step is to understand refugees are not a threat, but are themselves threatened, and they need help and protection. Refugees are ordinary people who could well be an asset to your community.

  • You, along with other members of the public, can encourage governments to adopt policies at home and abroad - that help refugees find peace and safety.
  • You can also support financially through donations and providing International Reply Coupons for Our Global Letter Exchange Programs in schools across the world.
  • Your ideas and information as well as proposals for projects or educational materials for refugees will be an incredible resource for the Refugee Communities we serve.
  • Individuals and organization willing to partner with RESPECT Ghana and help make its dreams and plans become a reality, please do not hesitate. Kindly contact the Country Coordinator or the International coordinator.
  • Country Coordinator
  • RESPECT Ghana
  • c/o FOBET
  • Ayifli Fred Kodzo
  • PO Box TA84,
  • Ghana-Accra
  • Tel - (233) 20-8160450
  • International Coordinator
  • RESPECT International
  • c/o Marc Schaffer
  • 935 Warsaw Avenue
  • Winnipeg, Manitoba
  • Canada R3M 1B9
  • Tel - (204) 284-1919

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