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Waterloo Refugee Camp


  • Sierra Leone


Num Of
Name of Institution
23 Peninsular Secondary
11 Rural Commercial Secondary School
2 Ahmaiyya Secondary School
350 Huntington Secondary School
1 Methodist Boys High School
49 Roman Catholic Joe Town
38 Kankalay Islamic Primary School


  • Over the last two decades, Liberia has experienced political instability caused by civil conflict forcing Liberians to seek refuge in Sierra Leone. Liberia extended the conflict by attacking the southern border between Liberia and Sierra Leone. As a result Sierra Leoneans were displaced in their own country and thousands became refugees in Liberia and neighbouring Guinea.
  • The Waterloo Refugee Camp houses both Liberian refugees, and Sierra Leonean returnees, some in transit to other parts of the country.


  • Mr. Stevens Keita
  • Secretary General of the Liberian Refugee Committee
  • Waterloo Sierra Leone
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