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Saint Michael Primary School


  • Sierra Leone


  • St. Michael's primary school was founded by Catholic Missionaries in Moyamba Town but was totally destroyed by the rebel forces but now patched up that we are managing about 150 students from grade 1 to grade 6.
  • Subjects include language arts, mathematics, science, arts, crafts and physical education.
  • All students in the school are interested. Nineteen letters included in first package.


  • Hope to have everlasting cultural friendship, student cultural exchange, visitation between students, improve music and help promote our school.


  • Henry T. Musa (Contact Teacher)
  • St. Michael's Primary School
  • c/o Peace Pals Education Network
  • 30 Pike Street
  • Brookfields, Freetown
  • Sierra Leone, West Africa
  • Email: c/o
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