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New Horizon Academy


  • Nepal


  • New Horizon Academy is situated at the center of the refugee camp Sanischare. There are altogether fourteen (14) schools in this camp. It will be easy to describe the structure of the camp before describing the school. So, let me discuss something short about the structure of the camp.
  • Bhutanese Refugee Camp Sanischare is one of the seven refugee camps of eastern Nepal. This camp is divided into twelve sectors. Each sector has its alphabetic name. Such as 'Sector-A', 'Sector-B', 'Sector-C' etc. up to 'Sector-L'. Each sector has one 'Sector school'. So, there are (12) twelve sector schools. Apart from the sector schools, there are other two (2) schools. One is 'child play center' for the children between the ages of 4-6 years. Other one is the lower secondary and secondary school where there are the grades from VII-X.


  • There are other seven refugee schools in other camps too. I want to include them all in this program. It is somewhat difficult to include them all because, I need to travel to all the camp schools. They are in another district. They are:
    1. Pancha-oti English Schools
    2. Blooming Lotus English School
    3. Marigold Academy
    4. Druk Model School
    5. Sun Rise Academy
    6. Green Valley Academy
    7. Tri-Ratna Secondary School


  • As you know that refugee cannot effort financially. To send one letter there by the refugee children is much difficult. This time I myself helped them and they also led some. If we provide the students no-stamp required envelops, they can communicate easily. So, it is my request that if it is possible, let's do it. Or it is sure that we need to provide them the stamp fee for their letters.


  • Durga Lal Acharya
  • New Horizon Academy
  • Bhutanese Refugee Camp
  • Sanischare Morang
  • Eastern Nepal
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