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Lama Parents Secondary School


  • Uganda


  • A combined technical and academic Secondary School with 347 registered students but 234 in regular attendance, both female and male. Others prevail themselves because of school fee problems. Ordinary level yet intended to have advanced level anytime if possible.
  • Subjects taught include: Carpentry, Block/bricklaying and concreting practice, Technical drawing, Agriculture, English, Math, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Geography, History, English literature, and Commerce.


  • We are very much impressed to receive this great news of love for assistance to refugee student like ours here. It will be very interesting if you allow more pen-pals. We shall be very happy if you can visit and assist this school, desperate for assistance. At the moment, there has been no NGO or implementing partner for this school from January 2001 to the present.


  • Lama Parents Secondary School
  • Jackwani, Uganda
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