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Kasonga Primary School


  • Uganda


  • Grade one school with an enrollment of 1,015 pupils, Primary One to Seven. Thirteen subjects taught including: Maths, English, Science, and Social Studies.


  • Many Students are willing to participate, but only limited by postage fees. Please inform us of the cost effective postage procedure convenient to a refugee pupil.


  • Kasonga Primary School
  • Simon Ndoleriire (Deputy Headteacher)
  • PO Box 389
  • Hoima Uganda

Letter from Deputy Headteacher:

Dear Comrade,

Greetings to you from the staff of Kasonga refugee primary school. Both the staff and pupils were delighted on receiving a booklet spelling out possibilities of interacting with students and teachers of North America. Interesting of all, some student spent a sleepless night morking on their mails to beat the deadline earlier given to them.

This school is one of the oldest in the country and since its inception 95% of its students have been refugees.

The school boasts of having produced great African leaders like President Paul Kagame of Rwanada who was at one time a refugee here.

This school, in spite of being in a rural area happened to emerge as one of the best performers in the district. However, a great number of our students are starved of knowledge and education as only a few quality for a highly competitive UNHCR sposnsorship hence leaving out potential brains.

This being my first time of my students contact with their conterpart in North America, both the staff and students will be very delighted to see a response from you and your students. I look forward to hearing from you.

Simon Ndoleriire

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