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Kakamba-Kalunda Primary School


  • Democratic Republic of the Congo


  • The school is registered Protestant (8-CEPAC), number 6002400. It is organised in 16 classes, all covering the primary grades: 3 first year, 3 second year, 3 third year, 3 fourth year, 2 fifth year and 2 sixth year. The school has 600 students.
  • The school is managed by two directors: one titular and one assistant.
  • The school is located in South-Kivu, in the East of the DRC.
  • The languages used at school are French and Swahili.


  • 80 school children would like to participate in RESPECT International.
  • The DRC, especially in the East, has an important population traumatised by the continuous wars since 1996. Even our school buildings have been hit. Parents have difficulties providing education for their children or rebuilding the damaged classrooms. They barely manage to collect some money for the teachers.
  • Amongst the 600 school chilren of our school, 80 are internally displaced persons. Most of them live in Kalundu and attend our school. Their needs for education and exchange are huge, as they have long been isolated by the wars and their displaced parents lack everything.
  • Eveyrbody's living conditions are very difficult. With this in mind, we would like to suggest to RESPECT the following:
    • to extend the penpal programme to other school children
    • to help with the rebuilding of the war-damaged classrooms (8 rooms)
    • to help with the teachers, directors and coordinator's bonus
    • to help with providing furniture and school materials for the teachers


  • Mbongo Tumaini, E.T.D. Coordinator
  • E.P. Kakamba Kalundu
  • B.P. 68 Uvira, RDC
  • C/o Bonde Shongobeke, Directeur Adjoint, B.P. 3011 Bujumbura II, Burundi

School building

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