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École Primaire Gérardine Kasongo


  • Democratic Republic of the Congo


  • School's Mission (Objectives):
    • Providing for the education of children abandonedand orphaned by AIDS. Created by Ms. Kasongo Ngoie Gerardine after several feasibility studies and especially by what she was struck by the plight of children in distress the Democratic Republic of Congo general and the Territory of Manono especially. Manono is a rural area north of Katanga province, an area which has experienced several years of civil war in the country that receives many refugees and destitute children.
    • Getting these children who are suffering and on the streets back into society.
    • Offer literacy classes in French.
  • Number of students : 420 enrolled (due to problems of fees, only 269 attend regularly)
  • Number of Teachers: 6
  • Number of students interested: 38
  • Subjects taught: English, French, Mathematics, Science, Civics, History, Geography, Typing, Computer Science (theory), Religious Studies.
  • Adittional information:
    • Gerardine Primary School Kasongo is the first school who supervises vulnerable children whose fees are given almost free.
    • Challenges:
      • Obtain external financial assistance for school administration and support staff salaries who are currently working for free.
      • Getting computers for use in our computer classes.
  • The students of Primary School Gerardine Kasongo are seeking penpals.


  • 38 students are orphans and would like to participate in the program and have RESPECT International sponsors.
  • École Primaire Gerardine Kasongo
  • Avenue De La Mere N°5
  • Quartier De La Mere Cite De Manono/ Territoire De Manono
  • NA
  • Manono Katanga 00243
  • Democratic Republic of the Congo
  • Email:
  • Tel: +243 81 0605 019
  • Website:

Primary Contact:

Alternate Contact:

  • M Andrias Andrias Numbi Kisekwesekwe
  • Administrative Assistant
  • Email:
  • Tel: +243 898538127
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