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Questions about RESPECT's Annual Poster Contest

What is RESPECT's Annual Poster Contest?

Each school year, RESPECT hosts an international poster contest! Students from all parts of the world, from Azerbaijan to Canada, Japan to Zimbabwe, use their creativity and artistic talent to further RESPECT's mission of promoting awareness of refugee issues among non-refugee students.

We begin the poster contest by having students worldwide brainstorm the theme. Once the theme is decided, students create drawings or paintings based on the theme.

Winners are selected in several age categories from among refugee and non-refugee students.

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How much is the fee to enter RESPECT's Annual Poster Contest?

There is NO entry fee for the poster contest. However, each organization is responsible for the postage of its students' posters. RESPECT will NOT accept postage due packages.

Most years, limited funds are available to help defray the cost of postage for Refugee Schools. For details, contact your RESPECT country coordinator or the Poster Contest coordinator.

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How do my students enter RESPECT's Annual Poster Contest?

All refugee and non-refugee primary and secondary school students up to age 18 are eligible to enter.

Each entry must be the ORIGINAL work and property of the entrant, with all rights therein. RESPECT is NOT liable for any copyright infringement on the part of the entrant.

Type or print the student's information clearly on the entry form. Securely attach the entry form to the back of the entry. Also, write the name of the entrant on the back of the entry in case the entry form comes loose. Illegible entries will be disqualified. This information will be reproduced exactly as submitted if you are selected as a winner.

(Optional) If the student wishes, he/she may add a description of the entry in 100 words or less on the back as well. This additional information will NOT affect the decision: however, we'd love to hear your thoughts and ideas!

Include multiple entries in each package. For instance, where feasible, include all entries for a class or school in a single package. For each package, please include the information below inside the package; the return address on the package does NOT fulfill this requirement.

  1. Full Name of the Contact
  2. Mailing Address and E-mail Address
  3. School Name and Mailing Address
  4. Total Number of Submissions

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Are there special requirements for entering RESPECT's Annual Poster Contest?

Size: The entry must be on paper no larger than US letter (8 1/2 inches by 11 inches) or International A4 (21.6 cm by 29.7 cm) size. Digital images, entries larger than this or 3D objects will NOT be accepted. Entries with more than one layer of paper are considered 3D.

Content: Entry content must be directly tied to the contest theme. We encourage students to include the contest theme in her/his content. The theme may be in the native language of the student.

Number of Entries: Only one entry per student is allowed. If we receive multiple entries for a student, NONE of the entries will be accepted.

Students submitting entries must be associated with a school or organization (e.g., scouting group). A student who is homeschooled, must have a teacher or other homeschool representative submit his/her entry as the contact person. Entries submitted directly from a student will NOT be accepted.

Contact Person: Each set of entries from a school must include information for the school's contact person. We need a postal address so we can send any award certificates and an email address in case we have questions about any of the entries. The return address on the package does NOT fulfill this requirement.

If the contact person does not have access to email, please let us know by including a note with the entries.

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What do the Poster Contest winners receive?

Each winner will receive a certificate.

Winning entries will be reproduced into postcards to be used in the first correspondence between refugee students and non-refugee students. All winners will be published in RESPECT International's official website, newsletters, and annual report.

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