ISSN 1710-6931 February 24, 2012 Issue 169

Seeing the World Through Different Eyes

Words are a powerful tool to open up doors for new experiences. For many non-refugee students, seeing the world of refugee students through a first-hand account is a rare and profound experience that will impact them for life.

Building on a goal to build bridges between these two worlds, RESPECT's pen pal exchange program has been facilitating letter exchanges between refugee and non-refugee students for years.

Bridgette McGoldrick, a history teacher in the Annie Wright School in Tacoma, Washington USA, recognizes this and is embarking on a journey to engage her students in a precious lesson.

While teaching her 9th grade course titled Global Studies: An exploration of political and ecological issues from past to present, one of the topics Bridgette and her students touched upon was the subject of human migration, refugees, internally displaced person and immigration policies.

To give her students a more intimate understanding of migration issues, Bridgette showed her class an excerpt from the movie about the Lost Boys of Sudan. Bridgette's students, 14 to1 5 year-old girls from around the world, including America, China, Japan, Korea and Taiwan, were deeply interested by the subject and asked her many questions.

Prompted by her students' intense interest in this subject, Bridgette came upon RESPECT when she was researching online to find possibilities that would connect her students with people of their own age but with a different set of life experiences, to whom they could write, learn from and share their own life experiences with. Seeing the World


Aid Needed to Uplift Refugees in Kenya

Austine W Ngabwe, a refugee from Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) is currently living in Nairobi, Kenya, where he volunteers with refugees from other countries including the DR Congo, Ethiopia, Rwanda, Sudan and Burundi.

Austine observes that in these communities, refugees are facing a multitude of challenges. Sadly, they are unable to tackle many of the issues that are paramount in the pursuit of a better life – present and future.

He says that one of the major problems faced is the dearth of job opportunities due to inadequate education. Currently, there are a large number of youth who have had some sort of education at primary or secondary level. With no opportunity to study further, some of them veer towards anti-social behavior involving armed gangs, drugs and alcoholism. Aid Needed

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