ISSN 1710-6931 December 30, 2011 Issue 168

Art Supplies for Refugee School in Kenya

Virginia Hernandez is a teacher at Sacred Heart Elementary School in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Together with her fourth grade students she raised money to send art supplies to Elite Friends Academy, a school created to help refugees in Nairobi, Kenya.

These supplies were enthusiastically received by Austin Ngabwe, a teacher at Elite Friends Academy, who shared them to his students.

The Academy, which was opened in 2005, started with 27 students. Today, the school has 141 students, mainly refugees from the Democratic Republic of Congo, the Republic of Sudan and other countries, but there is also room for poor children living in the area. Virginia and Austin were first introduced to each other by RESPECT International in 2008 when they joined the RESPECT Letter Exchange Program. Art Supplies


Finding Peace in War

The theme for RESPECT's 2011-2012 Annual Poster Contest is Finding Peace in War. The theme was chosen from the excellent suggestions we received.

Entry requirements and other information for the Poster Contest are available online.

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