ISSN 1710-6931 August 26, 2011 Issue 166

Liberian School Gains Library Through Letter Exchange

Angine Mason is an English teacher at Catalina Foothills High School which is located in Tucson, Arizona, USA. Her students, who are in seventh grade, are part of RESPECT International's global letter exchange program. Their partner school is Bishop Juwle High School in Liberia.

Through the interactions between the two schools, Angie and Shetha Koon, country coordinator for RESPECT Liberia, discussed the contributions which Angie and her students could make to help Bishop school in a profound and meaningful way.

One of the impending requirements at Bishop Juwle was the renovation of its school library, estimated to cost approximately US$800 (£486 or €556). The students from Catolina Foothills under the guidance of Angie embarked upon on a fundraising program to reach this mark.

Their hard work and dedication bore fruition as they were able to raise the US$800. The funds were transferred to RESPECT's headquarters in Canada and then forwarded to Bishop Juwle High School through Shetha.

Needless to say, the work of Catalina students will go a long way in helping their peers at Bishop's to have an improved library and improving the quality of education. Based on the success of this fundraising program, Angie is confident that she would be able to have another fundraiser for the next year too, thus helping to sustain the good work at Bishop Juwle High School. Library


RESPECT Liberia Growing out of Space

Shetha Karmah is the country coordinator for RESPECT Liberia. Before working with RESPECT Liberia, she volunteered with RESPECT Ghana as program coordinator.

But RESPECT Liberia is growing beyond its resources. It started by creating youth groups, educational programs for girl groups and child protection activities for the participants/ beneficiaries. The more activities they got involved with, the more they needed the office space and staff to carry on the work – it was impossible to always meet and discuss issues in the streets. RESPECT Liberia

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