ISSN 1710-6931 February 11, 2011 Issue 162

Another Refugee School Joins Letter Exchange Program

On September 18, 2010, the Carolyn A. Miller Elementary and Junior High School, based at the Buduburam Refugee Settlement outside Accra, Ghana, officially joined the RESPECT Refugees Global Letter Exchange Program.

The school was founded in 2003 by Liberian refugees in Ghana with the purpose of improving the lives of Liberians in both Ghana and Liberia. The school provides free education to over 750 children, many of whom are orphaned and unaccompanied minors.

Its current programs are overseen by Vision Awake Africa for Development (VAAFD)'s Board of Directors and administered and supported by Liberian refugees as well as international volunteers, donor and partner organizations.

This school was established by Karrus Hayes, a Liberian refugee, after he walked through the refugee camp and discovered that there were thousands of children sitting in the street who did not have the means to go to school. He felt that this could further endanger Liberia.

Karrus later got in touch with some American volunteers who came over to Buduburam to help him build this school. Currently, it is the only free educational institution that is serving thousands of refugee children and community dealers. The school now has a branch in Liberia to help receive returning refugee kids. Refugee School


Eye to Eye Care Achieves Success

In the war-torn regions of Fizi and Uvira in the Democratic Republic of Congo, Eye to Eye Child Care (EECC) brightens up the lives of orphaned and homeless children with education and adequate care.

The program operates under the dedicated leadership of Oscar Benjamin, who is committed to educating and helping children embrace life with courage.

In 2010, EECC achieved success in all its endeavors. Its child care increased by 17 per cent compared to the previous year and it recorded an impressive 18 per cent growth in overall child education. EECC

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