ISSN 1710-6931 December 10, 2010 Issue 160

Bringing Life into Children's Lives

The Eye to Eye Child Care (EECC) is a community-based, child welfare organization that helps children in Uvira and Fizi in the Democratic Republic of Congo to get off the streets, out of the slums, and into school. It operates as a children's home with the mission to provide care and counselling to affected children.

Its director is Oscar Benjamin, a refugee, who is committed to educating children and improving their lives. EECC was founded to provide care to the children in need, to assist them with their concerns and help them in their achievements. Its major goal is to ensure that children, especially orphans, street abandons, and the homeless in South Kivu province are cared for and knowledgeable about their difficult situations. EECC

Escape from Liberia: One man's journey from refugee to RESPECT

In 1989 civil war broke out in Liberia and over the next seven years more than 200,000 people were killed with half of the remaining population escaped into neighbouring countries seeking refuge.

With no more than the shirt on his back and a bible in his pocket, Church Minister John Mansaray, his wife and nine children were a few of the million lucky ones who survived Liberia by running for their lives – in their case over the border into a refugee camp in Guinea. Escape


A World Without War

The theme for RESPECT's 2010-2011 Annual Poster Contest is A World Without War. The theme was chosen from the excellent suggestions we received.

There is financial assistance for refugees schools who need help paying postage for their students' entries. The poster contest coordinator for each refugee school needs to make a request as soon as possible. Send your request to or to your country coordinator.

Entry requirements and other information for the Poster Contest are available online.

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