ISSN 1710-6931 November 5, 2010 Issue 159

Sharing Knowledge at RESPECT University

Moved by an article on the e-Zine about RESPECT University, Maximiliano Ramos, an IT professional, embarked on a project that was nothing short of ingenious. He says that the project came about in a "very crazy way".

"I had a revolution of ideas in my head, on a Friday night... The next morning, I found myself trying to put all of these things together, in order to have a main concept to work with.

"What came after that, was the idea of unifying the study material for refugees, and allowing, at the same time, educators around the world to collaborate with this [the concept]. We all know that most of the camps have limited study resources, so having this kind of platform up and running, will allow them all to have the same information available all the time, and to have educators updating and uploading more and more material."

This inspired him to conceptualize the idea of a shared knowledge-base called Addoceo. This idea, that can be built into the already existing educational platform, would work as a "multimedia Wikipedia" by bringing together three different concepts — cloud computing, education and remote connections.

The component of cloud computing will allow the camps to access and process "knowledge" from any computer with internet, thereby offering a very high level of availability of information and making it easier to share, even with the minimum of infrastructure.

The education component is centered on digitalizing the materials already available within the RESPECT University, like reading material, audio, video and online courses. In addition, it will also allow the persons concerned to add to it as and when required. RESPECT University


A New Coordinator For RESPECT Cameroon

"I admire Nelson Mandela who is one of the last generation's peace deliverer. I love dealing with problems that relate to peace, justice, fairness and respect of others. Therefore, personally I am in love with challenges.

"With regard to the refugees, they have the same rights as everyone and when those are ridiculed, we should not remain indifferent."

These sentences were written by Damien Noma, the young Cameroonian who took over as RESPECT Cameroon coordinator.

It has been three years since former coordinator, Nestor Nyoma, emigrated to the United States under the reinstatement program, forcing him to give up his functions and activities. RESPECT Cameroon

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