ISSN 1710-6931 April 2, 2010 Issue 152

Facing the Enemy through Education

Since January 2009, Eye to Eye Child Care (EECC), which participates in RESPECT International's Letter Writing Exchange programme, has initiated a campaign to help the children in the South Kivu province of the Democratic Republic of Congo (D R Congo), with their tuition fees. At the outset, it was intended to help only 50 students but by the end of school year 2009-2010 the number had increased to 138. Facing the Enemy

Good Progress on West African Solar Cooker Initiative

The Problem: Cost-effective and reliable fuel sources

War-affected communities in the West Africa region are often faced with the problem of not being able to find a cheap and reliable fuel source for heating and cooking. Many households spend some 25 per cent or more of their income on cooking fuel. Solar Cooker

Aiding the Rebuilding of Sierra Leone

"At first I thought it was an animal – a beaten dog maybe. A strangulated wailing sound that filled the hotel lobby. A sound you could not escape, a sound full of bad news. I walked outside, following the direction of the wailing. There in the hotel garden, near the glittering blue pool and the flame trees a man in a red T-shirt was begging for his life. He was surrounded by soldiers – three of them I counted – crowding in around him, pushing and then punching and kicking. A dark trickle of blood flowed from a wound in his neck."

This passage was taken from Rage and Brutality in Freetown written by Fergal Keane on life in the Sierra Leone capital under rebel attack in 1999. Sierra Leone


Jenkins Macedo Receives Award

Jenkins Macedo has been chosen as the Worcester State College Community Engagement Award winner for the Worcester Consortium.

The awards ceremony, held at Tilton Hall at Clark University on March 2, 2010, was organized in conjunction with a workshop focused on community-partner learning.

Jenkins expresses his appreciation to all at Worcester State College, Worcester Consortium of Colleges, African Community Education Program, professors and advisors and sponsors who created the opportunity for him to be able to extend his hands of assistance to the students and staff of the African Community Education program, Worcester Public Schools and the refugee population here and throughout the world.

Jenkins is a Liberian now residing in the United States. He has experienced the bloodiest civil wars in Western Africa (Liberia, Sierra Leone and Ivory Coast) over the period of 14 years during which he journeyed from country to country in search of peace, security, freedom and safety. Jenkins Macedo

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