ISSN 1710-6931 August 22, 2008 Issue 132

Saving the Childhood of Refugees

Sierra Leone and Uganda are the regions requiring lots of compassionate efforts and selfless services from across the world. Circumstances over the years have forced the people in these regions to accept strife as a fait accompli. Children are the worst sufferers in these unfortunate situations.

Raphael Sadiwa is leading a team of volunteers that is making an all out effort to help shape the dreams of the children in Sierra Leone and Uganda. During the last week of August 2008, Raphael is scheduled to make a presentation at the 21st World Congress on Rehabilitation International to be held in Quebec City, Quebec, Canada. In an interview with Raphael, RESPECT e-Zine explores more about these noble efforts. Childhood of Refugees

Ibiyinka Alao Visits Oru Refugee Primary School

Ibiyinka Alao is an ambassador and a special advisor on Africa to the World Culture Open (WCO). He recently visited with the RESPECT Nigeria team including the country coordinator, Francis Abayomi, and Susan Awosoga, who is a volunteer.

He also visited Oru Refugee Primary School and displayed his paintings to the refugee children. He further talked about peace, how they can forgive their fellow human beings and he encouraged them to have love for the Arts.

He later had a practical session in which he drew and showed the children how to draw. Ibiyinka Alao


Ibiyinka Alao shows a painting

Ibiyinka Alao, shows his paintings to the Refugee children. Susan Awosoga (facing) looks intently at the painting.


RESPECT Nigeria Donates Books To Primary School

RESPECT Nigeria donated the third set of library books from the Palo Alto Public Library, in California, USA, to Oru Refugee Primary School, Oru.

The presentation was done by the country coordinator, Francis Abayomi, and Susan Awosaga, a volunteer with RESPECT Nigeria and a member of the National Youth Service Corp in Ogun state.

This donation was done in the presence of the Ambassador Ibiyinka Alao, special advisor on Africa to World Culture Open (WCO).

The headmaster collected the books on behalf of the school. In response, the headmaster gave special thanks to RESPECT Nigeria and RESPECT International for reaching out to them at the refugee camp. RESPECT Nigeria

An Angel For Education

Maggie Morgan has been working with the RESPECT University (RU) in setting up courses in Kampala, Uganda; Guinea, and Bangkok, Thailand, for the last year.

Ashok Pillai, RU coordinator, who has been working with Ms. Morgan closely, says she is an asset to this institution and her contribution is remarkable. He adds that without her constant support and hard work they would not be achieving their goal to cater to 1,000 students by the end of 2008. An Angel

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