ISSN 1710-6931 July 25, 2008 Issue 130

Brownstones To Red Dirt

"The kids in Brooklyn hear about Africa and dream of elephants and giraffes but the letter from their pen pals in Sierra Leone told them of nightmarish tragedy and loss.

"Brownstones to Red Dirt is the story of children who think they have nothing in common but with a pen and paper manage to dispel their naiveté while fostering their compassion as they grow into young adults."

It is with these words that the new documentary on which Dave LaMattina, Chad Walker and Clay Frost are working, is introduced on Copper Pot Pictures' website. Dave is the producer/director; Chad, the producer, editor and cinematographer, and Clay, the associate producer and still photographer. Red Dirt

World Mission Aims To Improve Standards In DRC

RESPECT International received a package from war-affected people in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), which included applications from students wanting to register for a course in RESPECT University and information on the objectives and activities of World Mission, the organization facilitating the application.

World Mission seeks to improve the living standards and socioeconomic situation of people in rural and hazardous areas in South and North Kivu, maintaining social equality, promoting respect of human rights and convenient environment for people to live. World Mission


Volunteers Set Up RESPECT Website In Italian

Thanks to the dedication and hard work of five Italian volunteers, you can now find a link to the RESPECT Italian Home Page on the RESPECT International website.

We interviewed some of these volunteers about their efforts in putting together this site. These are Annalisa, 24 years old and a graduate in linguistics mediation; Maria, 33 years old, who graduated in political science, and Tiziana, 35, who lives in Malaga. Other members of the team are Michele Losito and Alessandro Spairani.

The volunteers started their work in April 2008 and, although the Italian section has been inaugurated, there are still several pages to translate, such as the e-Zines issues. RESPECT In Italian

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