ISSN 1710-6931 May 2, 2008 Issue 124

iEARN Sierra Leone Receives Computers

Today we take pride in saying that we are living in an information technology (IT) era, with computers and high-speed internet connection as our companions.

But how often do we pause to think about large sections of the society, particularly the third world poor nations and strife-torn regions, which do not have enough resources to own a computer or impart computer education to the young generation?

Sierra Leone is one such area in West Africa, known more for the ethnic clashes, thousands of deaths and atrocities on the impoverished public. Upliftment of the underprivileged sector in this region requires a helping hand from the empowered sections of the society to complement the efforts of the present government and international institutions. iEARN Sierra Leone

French Students Brighten Lives Of Burundi Refugees

Virginie Breton is a second-grade teacher in Saint Vincent du Lorouër, a small town located in Western France. Her 19 students have been exchanging letters with students from La Vision second-chance school in Bujumbura, Burundi since September 2007.

She decided to join RESPECT's Letter Exchange Program after Magali Pichon – whose first-grade class is also involved in the program – encouraged her to do so. Reluctant at first, Virginie accepted the challenge and sent out a first batch of letters in October 2007.

The package included a letter written as a group, personal profile sheets made by both classes, a written summary of a recent tour of the Saint Vincent du Lorouër castle, pictures drawn by the first graders, a poem based on the second graders' first names, and maps of their classroom, the school and the town along with pictures and a group photo of Virginie's students.

The package reached La Vision school only in early December because it was held in customs. And since it weighed more than one kilo (about 2.2 pounds), around €6 EUR (about $9.63 CAD or $9.34 USD) in custom duties were due. Claudel Nkunda, the director of La Vision school, was unable to pay those fees. Burundi Refugees


Refugee Letters Available

RESPECT has received several dozen letters from Liberian refugees in Ghana and internally displaced youth in Northern Uganda in the last little while.

We would very much like to forward the letters to a school interested in corresponding with these students as soon as possible.

We had received a number of requests for letters that we were not able to fill. If you are still interested in receiving letters for your class, please contact me at: to remind us of your school's mailing address, the number of letters you require, the age range of the students and your plans for your class' correspondence.

Thank you.


Letters and pictures drawn by students

Contents of the second package sent to La Vision school.

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