ISSN 1710-6931 March 21, 2008 Issue 121

Letters From Florida For Bhutanese Refugee Children

Durga Lal Acharya is the coordinator of RESPECT Nepal and is currently working in the Bhutanese Refugee Camps in eastern Nepal. He is planning to establish a computer resource centre there. In this regard, he contacted Marc Schaeffer, founder and president of RESPECT International.

Marc suggests focusing on the letter exchange program that RESPECT runs, since it is through extensive participation in the global letter exchange program that affiliates, like RESPECT Nepal, are able to benefit from fund-raising projects that might lead to the establishment of a computer resource centre.

Marc encourages letter exchanges with the refugee students in the community as an affiliate needs to successfully complete a letter exchange with at least one partner school before they are considered an associate. Letters from Florida

Women's Demonstration Creates Concern

The county heads and stakeholders in the Buduburam Refugee Settlement have met to discuss the peaceful demonstration of the concerned Liberian refugee women. The meeting was held on Sunday, March 2, 2008, at the Dominion Christian Academy in Buduburam.

Chaired by the head of the county heads, Erol Madison Gwion, the meeting was called as a result of a request made by the settlement manager, Honorable Cal Afun, to the men to remove their women from the field bringing an end to the peaceful demonstration. The manager's request also asked for the men to determine the way forward.

However, it was agreed by the men that the women's points should first be taken to the appropriate authorities for redress before their women can be asked to leave the streets. They believe their women's actions are for a worthy cause. Women's Demonstration


RESPECT University Spreading Its Wings

RESPECT University has recently started functioning from Guinea, Uganda, Sierra Leone and Thailand. In Uganda, we expect over 80 students to benefit from courses conducted by our tutors. With the help extended by Marc Schaeffer, president and founder of RESPECT International, a regular Internet connection has been established with an affiliate in Guinea.

In an email Omar Kaba, a student in Guinea, writes, "I want to take this time to thank you and the RESPECT organisation in Canada for the computers and the Internet with which you have tried to help us.

"In fact, we are very grateful. On behalf of my classmates and the rest of the students body in Mohomou Community Refugee School, I want to say thank you very much. We appreciate your effort in changing our lives."

He further says, "I want you also to try your best for some of us to get at least a certificate in some of the courses we are taking so that anytime we go back home we can teach our brothers who never had chance to go to school because of the war." RESPECT University

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