ISSN 1710-6931 September 7, 2007 Issue 107

OWAYS 2007 Was A Success

The One World Africa Youth Summit (OWAYS) 2007 brought together over 50 youth participants from Ghana, Liberia, Morocco, Ethiopia, Nigeria and Tanzania for one week of collaborative education and action!

It was an opportunity for One World Youth Project participants to meet each other face to face, discuss the project, work together on youth leadership skills, and take action on the United Nations Millennium Development Goals.

This year the summit was held at the University of Ghana, Accra, from July 26-31. It was organised in collaboration with RESPECT Ghana and hosted by RESPECT Intellectual Club (RIC) of the Buduburam Refugee Camp.

The theme was Building Active 21st Century Citizenship: Meeting Unique Challenges with Innovative Solutions.

The summit was a blend of workshops, open dialogue, and direct action. Its aim was to empower participants with necessary 21st century skills, inspire youth to take leadership and action, and leave a lasting positive impact on the local host community. OWAYS 2007

My OWAYS 2007 Experience

The [One World Africa Youth Summit (OWAYS) 2007 ] summit itself was awesome. I had an opportunity to learn lots of new things and meet new friends. The summit gave me new skills and confidence that as a youth I can make and bring positive changes in the world.

It also gave me a sense of being responsible. Our world is facing lots problems, we don't have to rely on governments to do something for us. (Still governments don't do anything active). It us (youth) who have to be responsible.

This is our world. It isn't the older people's world. We are the ones who have assurance of seeing tomorrow. But the persons who are in their sixties aren't sure of seeing the next day. So if we don't do something for our world who is going to do it for us? My Experience


OWAYS 2007 participants

Participants from from Ghana, Liberia, Morocco, Ethiopia, Nigeria and Tanzania gathered for the 2007 One World Africa Youth Summit (OWAYS).


RESPECT e-Zine To Be Published In Spanish

Beginning with the 21 September 2007 issue, the RESPECT e-Zine will be available in Spanish.

Will Wallace, RESPECT's Vice-President of Information Technology says: Our volunteers have done a great job of translating our website into Spanish. With the help of RESPECT Refugiados, we are hoping to have schools in Spanish-speaking countries participate in the Global Letter Exchange program this year. So it makes sense to provide the e-Zine is Spanish.

With the addition of the Spanish version the e-Zine will be available in three languages. You can subscribe to the e-Zine in any of the language versions on our subscription page. The subscription form is available in the following languages:

In addition, Nicolás López Molina and Jose A. Aldea have translated select articles from previous editions of the e-Zine into Spanish.

We Need Your Ideas

Now that the new school year is in full swing, it is time for you to send us your ideas for this year's for RESPECT's Annual Poster Contest.

You can learn more about this year's poster contest on the 2007-2008 Poster Contest page.

Send your Poster Contest theme ideas to the Poster Contest team.

As in previous years, assistance with postage fees is available to Refugee schools. We recommend Refugee schools send in their entries NLT January 2008 since it can take three to four months for us to receive their entries.

The themes from previous Poster Contests were:

  • 2006-2007: Education Opens the Door to the World
  • 2005-2006: Road to Peace
  • 2004-2005: The Connected World: What binds us together?
  • 2003-2004: Crossing Borders: Stretching My World

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