ISSN 1710-6931 August 10, 2007 Issue 105

GPER Celebrates Seventh World Refugee Day in Benin

Refugee Children Without a Direction was the theme chosen for the 7th celebration of World Refugee Day celebrated on Saturday, June 23, 2007, in Cotonou, Benin.

The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) in Benin and its partners had organized a cross-country race for the occasion as well as a dance and music show, which the Group of Refugee Student Parents (GPER, Groupement de Parents d'Élèves Réfugiés) had been invited to attend. Refugee Day

Computers for Refugee Students in Sierra Leone

Sierra Leone, in West Africa, is a country recovering from the effects of a long drawn out civil conflict that has left tens of thousands dead, many maimed for life, and a society in disarray.

As often in such situations, the economy, the weak and the young are the primary casualties. With an average life expectancy around 40 years and a literacy rate around 35%, according to the CIA World Factbook, Sierra Leone arguably falls into the category of the most deserving of all countries for aid and non-governmental intervention.

RESPECT International, along with its partner Peace Pals Education Network, have been active in Sierra Leone in the areas of youth and education. One of the biggest projects envisaged by RESPECT in Sierra Leone is the establishment of a computer center for the benefit of refugee students. Refugee Students


Let's Talk HIV/AIDS

The answer to AIDS is out there in a million pieces, all we've got to do is get people sharing information, and we can put the pieces together.1 — Mark Johnson

For a disease that kills as silently as HIV/AIDS, we are not only surprisingly ill-equipped to deal with it but also doing injustice to those affected by terming it merely as a medical condition. HIV/AIDS impinges on a person's life not only medically, but socially also, leading to exclusion and segregation from one's community. HIV/AIDS


RESPECT University Students

Students pose with the certificates they received after completing a RESPECT University Human Rights course. Ms.Rudo Dhliwayo was the tutor for the course. The certificates were created by Sandrine Cortet.

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