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I Am Canadian: Refugee Education Video

In its 2003 report, United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) recognized the right to education as a human right of refugees; a right which gives them the necessary survival skills and also is their key to sustainable and better future.

Proper education facilitates easy adaptation to the new environment and has been recognized by the UNHCR as a rehabilitation tool for refugee children and youth. I Am Canadian

Great Satisfaction In Giving

Stephen Spence wasn't originally going to donate school supplies to the New Educational Centre for Hope (NECH), a school in Nyarugusu Refugee Camp, Tanzania. He had initially purchased the supplies to send them to a coworker who was in Afghanistan with the Canadian Armed Forces. The coworker was going to distribute the supplies in Afghanistan as a care package. Great Satisfaction

Cow Breeding: Opportunity To Develop Skills In Refugee Camp

The New Educational Center for Hope (NECH), located in the Nyarugusu Refugee Camp in the Kasulu District of Tanzania, is looking at the opportunity to institute a cow breeding program.

According to Bilombele Askulu, the Executive Director of the Center and Coordinator for Nyarugusu Camp, this initiative will not only give the orphans a chance to obtain much needed milk, but will also give them the opportunity to develop their skills as they learn about agriculture and livestock breeding. Cow Breeding


Breeders leading cow

New Educational Centre for Hope volunteers work with one of the cows they will be caring for as part of a livestock breeding program. The program will help refugees develop their skills and provide much needed milk for the HIV/AIDS orphans in the Nyarugusu Refugee Camp in the Kasulu District of Tanzania.


Educational Resources Covering Refugee Issues

RESPECT is looking for educational resources covering refugee issues. These resources should be appropriate for primary grades through high school. Please send the information on how to obtain the resources to me, Will Wallace.

Let us know about websites, videos, books, articles, etc. We also want to know about lesson plans you have used and want to share with other RESPECT members. You do not need to send us copies of videos, books, etc. Just give us the information so we can tell people how they can get copies.

For lesson plans, we will need you to send us a copy we can post on the website. (NOTE: It is our policy to only use copyrighted material after we have gotten written approval from the copyright holder. No exceptions.) Educational Resources


Healing the Wound of War

Together we can heal the wound of war. That's the belief Mr. Bilombele Asukulu, founding Executive Director, New English Center for Hope (NECH), has in his heart and that's the message he would like to spread.

He has been living in Nyarugusu Camp in Tanzania since 1996 after being forced from his home in war-torn Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). Burdened with the tag of a refugee, Bilombele felt that it was important for his people to be educated as a way toward building the peace process.

Consequently, in July 2003, NECH was opened by Bilombele along with some other fellow refugees at the camp.

Initially NECH focused on English and vocational training classes including computer, carpentry, agriculture and livestock breeding as well as seminars on peace and tolerance, and HIV/AIDS. Wound of War

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