ISSN 1710-6931 June 1, 2007 Issue 100

Horse Rider Jumps At Chance To Help Ugandan Orphans

Linda del Valle Garcia is an equestrian – a professional horse rider and show jumper – who lives in Vancouver, Canada. She teaches children how to ride.

When she heard of the suffering of internally displaced children, mostly orphans, in Northern Uganda, she started collecting clothes for them.

"I have been collecting clothes for the orphans in the Agoro camp for internally displaced people. The clothes collection is in my house. They are slightly used clothes that friends, family and the community have donated," says Linda. Horse Rider

Stop The Violence

My year at Stevenson Britannia Adult Learning Center can be highlighted by a Consumer Math 40S unit project I did. Marc Schaeffer, my teacher at Stevenson Britannia gave us the opportunity to produce an actual product for one of our units.

With the influence of my World Issues class and my own personal interests I chose to design and produce a t-shirt that combined the issues of violence facing our world.

The t-shirt was a creation that demonstrated the need to bring awareness to the amount of enmity around the globe. I was able to make this project happen by utilizing many resources. Stop The Violence

RESPECT Volunteer Meets Lugufu Camp Coordinator

Recently, I was honoured and delighted to meet Atuu Waonaje in person, founder and director of Center of Youth Development and Adult Education (CELA), a refugee training center in Lugufu II Camp, Tanzania, while he was visiting United States for a few days. We met in a restaurant with him, Lisa Young and her two children.

Lisa was introduced to Atuu by RESPECT International. She and her children visited Lugufu Camp last Summer. I gave Atuu a bunch of books - encyclopedia for kids, books on pregnancy, baby and child care, paediatrics, CPR techniques, English grammar, career management and a few other subjects they need to provide the CELA Public Library – floppy disks and preschool word games.

I also gave him a laptop paid with funds collected by Lyn Gloux, a student of Marc Schaeffer (RESPECT International Coordinator) at Stevenson Britannia Adult Literacy Program, based in Winnipeg, Canada. Lyn Gloux raised money by selling 22 t-shirts she designed and produced herself illustrating the theme Stop the Violence. Camp Coordinator


Atuu Waonaje with laptop

Atuu Waonaje tries out the laptop paid for with funds collected by Lyn Gloux a student at Stevenson Britannia Adult Literacy Program, based in Winnipeg, Canada.


2006-2007 Poster Contest Winners

RESPECT International is pleased to announce the winners of the 2006-2007 Poster Contest. The theme of this year's contest was Education Opens the Door to the World.

Refugee Winner

Non-refugee Winners

  • Non-refugee Winner 6-10
  • 6-10 years-old: Jerrika C. Shi, Saint Jude Catholic School, Philippines (age 10)
  • Non-refugee Winner 11-14
  • 11-14 years-old: Hoi Pok Ho, Simply Art, China (age 12)
  • Non-refugee Winner 15-18
  • 15-18 years-old: Alden Chow, Prince Rupert Secondary School, Canada (age 18)

The judges for this year's contest were impressed by all of the entries making it very difficult to select the winners. We hope each student who entered the contest is proud of their excellent entries. We had too few entries from refugees schools to be able to have multiple categories.

A big thank you to this year's judges: Kate Speicher, Seth Alnwick, and Shai Alnwick.

Larger versions of these entries, as well as the Honorable Mention entries, can be found using the following link. (Note: This page contains large images that may take a significant amount of time to download.) Contest Winners

RESPECT e-Zine 100th Issue

This is the 100th issue of the RESPECT e-Zine. On reaching this important milestone, Marc Schaeffer, RESPECT's International Coordinator, and I take this opprtunity to thank the many volunteers who make this e-Zine possible.

Creating the content for these 100 issues includes more than 130 volunteer writers; currently, Aruna Gupta ensures we have articles by coordinating the writers. The translators who make every issue of the e-Zine available in French, are coordinated by Nicolas Mura. Editor Angela Carter fine tunes the articles. 100th Issue


What's New With WTE?

Working To Empower (WTE), the non-governmental organization (NGO) headed by Logan Cochrane, has been doing some pioneering work in the area of HIV/AIDS education this year. Its main focus is the vulnerable and displaced groups of people who are affected by HIV/AIDS related issues. WTE

As in any newsletter or magazine, RESPECT e-zine is committed to striving for interesting articles and announcements concerning refugee issues all around the world.

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