ISSN 1710-6931 March 9, 2007 Issue 94

Officials Closing Nigeria Refugee Camp In June 2007

The Nigeria Refugee Camp has been declared partially closed by the Federal Government of Nigeria and UNHCR Nigeria (United Nations High Commission on Refugees). The majority of the refugees, mostly from Liberia and Sierra Leone, have been airlifted home. However, my recent visit to the camp witnessed approximately 6,000 refugees, mainly from these countries, bluntly refusing to go home.

A staff member of the Catholic Justice and Peace Commission, informed me that the camp will be completely closed in June 2007, the facilities renovated by UNHCR Nigeria, and the camp handed over to the Federal Government of Nigeria. The remaining Sierra Leonean and Liberian refugees have been asked to go home. Refugee Camp

RESPECT Ghana Welcomes NYU Student Volunteers

International Volunteers for 2007 from the New York University (NYU) in Ghana programme were welcomed to the Buduburam Refugee Community by RESPECT Ghana and its members.

The student volunteers will be undertaking a variety of projects including teaching in some of the schools, working with RESPECT's youth club, and also with children at the Catch Them Young Center with support from other local volunteers on the camp.

The students are expected to work from March to May 2007. In a letter signed by Professor Akosua Anyidoho, director of NYU in Ghana, to RESPECT Ghana, the programme expects the students to become integrated into the local culture of the community to be served. Student Volunteers

Refugee Tells Of His Experience In Camp

Below is a summary of an interview with Alex Adjei. Alex has been working at Mohomou Refugee School in Guinea for several years now.

I [Alex] have been working as a coordinator for RESPECT activities in Mohomou Refugee School for three years now. In fact, this will be my fourth year. Over the years I have seen things change for the better for both the refugees and for myself. An example is that we have been given the opportunity to make use of computers. This way we got to meet many new people.

As there is still a lot that has to be done for the refugees, I am working in various committees to help the refugees. I am the coordinator of the RESPECT letter exchange programme, chairman of the board for refugees education in the community, member of the community arbitration committee and director of the RESPECT Computer Resource Centre. Camp Experience


Poster Contest Deadline Quickly Approaching

Entries for this year's poster contest must be postmarked no later than 1 April 2007. That leaves only a few weeks for students to complete their posters and submit them for judging.

The theme for this year's contest is Education Opens the Door to the World. We are looking forward to seeing the many creative ways students will incorporate the theme into their posters. Poster Contest


RESPECT University - Education For Refugees

Education is increasingly viewed as the fourth pillar of humanitarian response, alongside the pillars of nourishment, shelter and health services. Even in the midst of conflict, it is considered a basic right that is vital in restoring hope and dignity to people driven from their homes; a tool to help them get back on their feet and build a better future.

Education provides opportunities for students, their families and communities to begin the trauma healing process, and to learn the skills and values needed for a more peaceful future and better governance at local and national levels. RESPECT University

RESPECT Ghana Selects Programme Coordinator

RESPECT thanks Anthony Barlee for his service as RESPECT Ghana Programme Coordinator at the Buduburam Liberian Refugee Camp, Ghana, and welcomes Alfred Kayee as the new Coordinator. Here Mr Kayee talks with Annie S. Wesley about his experiences.

Wesley: Since when are you the RESPECT Programme Coordinator in Ghana?

Kayee: I officially began as RESPECT Programme Coordinator on Dec 13, 2006, after Mr. Anthony M. Barlee. Before this I was serving as a Deputy Coordinator. I was elected through democratic process. I think this great task is entrusted to me because of my commitment, hard work and willingness to take on assignments and produce meaningful results that are developmental to both the organization and the community. RESPECT Ghana

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