ISSN 1710-6931 February 23, 2007 Issue 93

Self-esteem Workshop Held In The Lugufu Refugee Camp

As part of his immersion trip in Africa, Mr. Akito Tanaka – a former worker of a software consulting firm – decided to organise a self-esteem workshop in the Lugufu Refugee Camp for some of the refugees residing there.

His aim was to make them understand that they are useful resources for their community and their camp and that it was up to them to improve their conditions.

Mr. Tanaka used a structured approach, which consisted of students exchanging ideas on their life and their problems in Swahili and French, while progressively that they have the power to change things. Self-esteem

Education Key To A Better Life

Mr. Ashok Pillai, the central coordinator of RESPECT University talks to Lakshmi Poorna about the importance of education for refugees, the objectives of the RESPECT University, the courses conducted and the University's aspirations for future.

Lakshmi: What is the significance of education, especially at the tertiary level, in uplifting refugees?

Ashok: To answer your question one may have to answer "what is the significance of education in uplifting the refugees?"

It is estimated that 27 million children and youth affected by armed conflict, including Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs), do not have access to formal education ( Women's Commission for Refugee Women and Children (WCRWC) Global Survey of Education in Emergencies, February 2004).

According to United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR):

  • Education helps meet the psychological needs of children and adolescents affected by conflict or disasters that have disrupted their lives, studies and social networks.
  • Education is a tool for protecting children during emergencies.
  • Education provides a channel for conveying health and survival messages and for teaching new skills and values, such as peace, tolerance, conflict resolution, democracy, human rights, and environmental conservation.
  • Education for all is a tool for social cohesion, whereas educational discrepancies lead to poverty for the uneducated and fuel civil conflict.
  • Education is vital for reconstructing the economical basis of family, local and national life and for sustainable development and peace building.

Education Key


European Booklet Campaign Moves Forward

RESPECT Refugiados, the European member of RESPECT International, is working on a European campaign to raise the awareness of refugee issues among students.

Using the GiveMeaning website, RESPECT Refugiados received enough votes to validate the project allowing them to use the website to collect donations for the ambitious project.

The main goal is to provide information about a topic not normally covered and presented to students nowadays. The project includes creating booklets to be translated into ten languages initially targeting ten European countries. Booklet Campaign

RESPECT University Announces New Courses

RESPECT University is pleased to announce commencement of new courses in Sierra Leone, Tanzania, and Uganda.

The courses being offered in Sierra Leone are:

  • Human Rights and International Law taught by Ms. Rudo Dhliwayo who has done her LLM at Staffordshire University, UK, and has wide experience volunteering for Amnesty International, Fairtrade Foundation and Oxfam.
  • Organising and Managing Small and Medium Enterprises taught by Mrs. Isha Miranda, a financing and accounting specialist from Sri Lanka with wide experience working with UNDP and Asian Development Bank and is now residing in Canada.
  • Early Child Development taught by Mr. Raphael Sadiwa who has a Doctorate in physical therapy from Boston University and is a licensed physical therapist.

New Courses

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