ISSN 1710-6931 December 29, 2006 Issue 89

French Letter Exchange: Two And A Half Years Later

After more than two years in place, the French Letter Exchange Programme includes about 127 French speaking refugees and 123 non-refugee pen-pals from six different countries.

Coordinator of RESPECT in French since September 2004, Sandrine Cortet has done a great job in developing this programme and making possible the exchange between refugee and non-refugee pen-pals primarily between the ages of six and eighteen years old. She is constantly looking for French pen-pals willing to exchange simple letters about their own experiences with refugee children or teens and ensuring that the programme continues to grow. Letter Exchange

RESPECT Ghana Country Coordinator Attends Earthcorps' Training

Ayifli Fred Kodzo, country coordinator of RESPECT Ghana, and head of programmes of Foundation for Better Tomorrow (FOBET), attended a six-month training offered by EarthCorps in Seattle, Washington, from February to August 2006.

The main purpose of attending this training was to gain more skills in environmental restoration, cross-cultural communication and to improve overall leadership abilities. In an exclusive interview for RESPECT e-Zine, Fred explains how this training would really be helpful in addressing environmental issues back in Ghana. Here are excerpts of the interview:

Ashaq Raza: When and where did you attend this training and what was the main purpose of attending this training?

Fred: I attended this training from February to August 2006 in Seattle, Washington. The main purpose of attending this training was to learn more skills in environmental restoration, cross-cultural communication, and to improve my leadership abilities. Earthcorps' Training


International Happenings Display

A photo of one of the Ugandan refugee displays in Werner Elementary School, Fort Collins, Colorado, USA. The photo was taken by David Monahan, a RESPECT volunteer currently developing educational and trade links between the Agoro refugee community in Northern Uganda and elementary schools and colleges in Fort Collins.


Reviewing 2006 and a Sneak-peak at 2007

At this time of calendrical transition, it is helpful for us to look back at the past year and forward to the next. As founder and coordinator of RESPECT International, it is my honour to encapsulate where we've been and where we plan to go.

In the life of a young organization like RESPECT, founded in 2002, there can be no boring times. RESPECT introduced over a thousand Anglophone and Francophone war-affected youth to non-refugee youth in Canada, the USA, France, Australia and so forth. Reviewing 2006

2005-6 Poster Contest Postcards Available

You can now print the 2005-6 Poster Contest winning posters as postcards.

  • Go to the 2005-6 Poster Contest main page.
  • Select the poster you would like to print as a postcard.
  • Select one of the print options on the bottom of the page.
  • The postcard file will be displayed.

Poster Postcards


RESPECT University Student Feedback

Dated: October 22, 2006
To the Coordination Team
RESPECT University Educational Program


RE: Request for your office to keep on bringing us lesson, assignment/homework and textbook or other school material on the subjects mentioned including statistics, agriculture, democracy, business skills, mass communication, health science, stores, math, English, accounting, music, song Writing, social work, administration, hospitality (hotel management) and tourism.

We, students of the above mentioned, are requesting your office kindly to keep bringing us the above subjects. We have high expectations since our start, up to where you stopped bringing material, and we were thinking that at the end of our courses we and our future will be enlightened. We all got stuck because you stopped bringing our lesson. Student Feedback

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