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Trade And Education Help Agoro Back On Its Feet

David Monahan epitomizes the passion and dedication that RESPECT International's partners and volunteers have for aiding refugee communities around the world. David talked to RESPECT about his latest work, developing educational and trade links between a refugee community in Northern Uganda and elementary schools and colleges in Fort Collins, Colorado, USA.

The Kitgum district of Northern Uganda, on the border with Sudan, has suffered from 17 years of civil and tribal conflict. Nearly half of the population of Kitgum live in what the Ugandan Government calls Internally Displaced People's (IDPs) camps such as Agoro. They fled attacks by Lord's Resistance Army (LRA) rebels who massacred thousands of locals during the rebellion. RESPECT Uganda has worked closely with the Agoro community to provide educational tools, trade links, and to raise awareness of this troubled area to the wider world. Trade And Education

RESPECT In Tanzania - Successes And Challenges

RESPECT's programmes in the Lugufu camp in Tanzania are being successfully carried out with the assistance of the Center for Youth Development and Adult Education (CELA). In a survey conducted by RESPECT International, these RESPECT programmes were reviewed and the brief report on the findings of the survey follows.

In order to implement the RESPECT's Global Letter Exchange programme, CELA has linked schools located in the Lugufu refugee camps and two teachers are actively involved in identifying students to participate in the programme. At present 15 children are enrolled and there are several others who have expressed their interests in participating. RESPECT In Tanzania

Coming Together At Student Forum

On November 9th, students from the Stevenson Britannia Adult Learning Centre (ALC) attended the Faces for War student forum for the first time as a United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) school.

The UNESCO/ASPnet Forum was held at Sturgeon Creek Collegiate, where 13 schools around Winnipeg came together to bring awareness to the important issues we are facing in the world today. There were 13 different sessions educating young people on the many aspects of war. Student Forum


RESPECT Welcomes The Mission UEP School

November 7, 2006


There is nothing greater than having someone somewhere when life is vehemently posing her unbearable conditions on heads that would like to rise from the dust to greener pastures. I have the pleasure to be reacquainted with you.

I am a 25 year old victim of the Liberian political conflict and have been residing in Conakry, Guinea for the past five years after being other places to seek refuge first before figuring out ventures for greener pastures.

I have the honourable obligation to extend greetings to you on behalf of the Mission Union Evangelisation Program (UEP) Primary School. The UEP Program is a ministry with the vision to win the lost for Christ.

However, as part of her vision, the ministry has opened a self-initiated primary school to help refugee children. Some of the children are orphans or who live with single parent who can not afford to meet the requirements of other schools. Hence there are no other education programs for refugees by any humanitarian agency as was before.

The school has about seven volunteer teachers catering to about 75-80 pupils ranging from nursery to 6th grade between four and sixteen years of age. I happen to be the acting principal.

A lot of appreciation to RESPECT for such initiatives. We are glad to have our institution a part of this global program and would like to reacquaint others with our initiatives, prospects and difficulties lying before us.

To close with, I am Joseph M. Morlu, a college graduate. I studied accounting and management. I am serving God in the Mission UEP Church of God, single, and hoping for further education.

May God bless you as we start a journey of companionship. With God on our side, we shall stand always.

Kindest regards,
Truly yours,

  • Joseph Markson Morlu
  • MISSION U.E.P. Primary School
  • Yembeya Ratoma
  • Conakry, Guinea
  • B.P. 2169

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