ISSN 1710-6931 November 17, 2006 Issue 86

RESPECT Global Letter Exchange Videos On YouTube

Despite the advance of technology providing ever faster communication via e-mail, youngsters of a class in Japan have picked up their pens again and have collectively started writing letters to refugees in Guinea.

Through RESPECT's global letter exchange program these Japanese students have a chance to get to know youngsters whose lives have been affected by the torments of war. This gives them an opportunity to share their experiences, their life stories and learn about the differences in their cultures. It is a valuable sustainable development, an opening on the world and international solidarity.

Videos of the students writing the letters are posted on YouTube and can be accessed through the links below:

If you have any videos about the global letter exchange you would like posted please send them to Marc Schaeffer RESPECT's International Coordinator.


RESPECT Sierra Leone members

RESPECT Sierra Leone leaders and children during the African Child Day Commemoration.


How I Became A Refugee

In the year 1990, my parents, sisters and I were in Nimba County near Liberia. My Father was a police officer. To my utmost surprise on December 25, 1990, a group of army men came at midnight and forcibly opened our door.

They ran to my father, tied him up and began to beat him. When our mother and I asked what the problem was, the rebels grabbed us and began to beat us with their gun butts. A Refugee

Postcard from Kenya
October 25, 2006

Dear Marc,

It occurred to me sometime after I arrived here in Shikokho, Kenya (to volunteer with non-profit Foundation for Sustainable Development) that it was first through RESPECT that I became interested and truly started learning about refugee and African issues. Working with you (indirectly) has truly been a life-changing experience. Thank you for being an inspiration to others in your incredible work.

By the way, about 150 replies to the letters you sent me from Guinea just arrived back there after a four-month trip!

Thanks and take care,
Lillian Langford
(former ezine writer)

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