ISSN 1710-6931 November 3, 2006 Issue 85

RESPECT And Roots & Shoots: A Perfect Fit

What do preserving the environment, assisting refugee communities, and fostering respect for differences of culture and belief have in common?

Usually not that much, although by partnering together, RESPECT International and the Jane Goodall Institute's Roots & Shoots program are changing that. The organizations recently signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) that connects their letter exchange programs, links their websites and commits them to undertake joint projects to benefit young people internationally.

RESPECT International is committed to raising awareness and encouraging activism among international youth about refugee issues. Roots & Shoots seeks to engage and inspire youth through environmental education and community service. Both groups strive to promote understanding and respect for all cultures and beliefs, both work with young people worldwide, and operate global letter exchange programs. Given the similarities in missions, audience, and methods used, the benefits of a partnership are obvious.

RESPECT's network of refugee schools is a natural fit for R&S's environmental and community service programs. These activities "would help young people in these war-affected communities to learn more about their relationship with their environment and how that environment can help to sustain them," said Marc Schaeffer of RESPECT. He also hopes "to build bridges between Roots & Shoots groups around the world and those in war-affected communities through the letter exchange program." Perfect Fit


Grinding Machine

The grinding machine project was installed in August 2006 with the help from Working To Empower (WTE). The project will be used to support the day care givers at Agoro early child development center.


RESPECT Ghana Office Burglarized

On the evening 17 October 2006, the office of RESPECT Ghana in the Buduburam Refugee Camp was burglarized. The biggest loss was their computer possibly compromising their email account,

The password for the account has been changed, but Anthony Barlee, the RESPECT Ghana Program Coordinator, has asked that people not reply to email from this address unless you have been in contact with them previously.

Refugee Students In Nepal Join Pen Pal Program

RESPECT International has received a few dozen letters from Durga Acharya, coordinator of RESPECT Nepal. The students are from the Tri-Ratna Secondary School, Bhutanese Refugee School Beldangi-II, Jhapa, Nepal. The school, located in the middle of the camp, is run by teachers from inside the camp.

CARITAS Nepal, a local non-governmental organization (NGO), and United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) Refugee Agency is helping the school educate students from pre-primary to grade 10.


the orphan camp

  • i am an orphan
  • but i have many parents
  • whilst my life in orphans camp
  • with many fellows under unfortunate
  • we're hoping our tomorrow
  • by various directories that leading us
  • in our poor orphan camp

orphan camp

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