ISSN 1710-6931 July 28, 2006 Issue 78

International Refugee Day Celebration In Yaoundé

June 20 was obviously not a day like any other, especially for refugees and those joining them to commemorate the International Refugee Day in Yaoundé, Cameroon. The theme of Hope had been selected for this, the 6th International Refugee Day. Every activity had been prepared and scheduled in minute detail.

Before the D-day, other events had been organized along with the official ones. On June 17, the Collectif des Communautés de Réfugiés au Cameroun (CCRC, Group of Refugee Communities in Cameroon) arranged an ecumenical Divine Mercy mass in order to give the Hope of God to the refugees and the scheduled festivities.

This mass, which included performances by the Rwandese and the Chadian choirs, was led by Father Sala in the Church of the Catholic Mission in the Cité-Verte (Green city area), Yaoundé.

During the morning of June 18, a marathon, which was open to refugees and Cameroonian, started from the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) front yard. Refugee Day

Elizabeth Graduates from the Computer Resource Center

Elizabeth Duncan recently celebrated one of the greatest achievements in her life - becoming computer literate. Elizabeth, a former student of the RESPECT Guinea Computer Resource Center, started her course with Microsoft Windows® followed by Microsoft Word® Microsoft Excel®. Upon the completion of each course, she had to take a theory and practical test. At the end of her courses, she received a Certificate of Achievement from the resource center.

Elizabeth has high regard for Mr. Alex Adjei, Director of RESPECT Guinea Computer Resource Center. She says that Mr. Alex is a very sensible and hard working administrator who made it easier for her and others to become computer literate. Though the center faced problems with its only generator and the recent petrol price hikes, Mr. Alex still continued to find ways to run the center.

Elizabeth also thanks Marc Schaeffer and the RESPECT family for the opportunity provided to her.

At present Elizabeth Duncan is working as a legal aid for women refugees in N'zerekore, Guinea, with the ultimate aim to create awareness that women, too, have rights.


Refugee women dancing

Refugee women perform traditional dances at the 6th International Refugee Day celebration in Yaoundé, Cameroon.


Fundraising Concert Helps Refugee School In Guinea

Watch British Broadcasting Company (BBC) video coverage of a charity concert organized by Tanya Walmsley, a RESPECT volunteer. The concert was part of Tanya's continuing effort to help raise money for the Conakry Refugee School in Guinea.

You may need to download a video player to view the video. Free versions of RealPlayer and Windows Media Player are available online.


Refugee Hymn

This song, dedicated to refugees, was performed during the 6th International Refugee Day in Yaoundé Cameroon. It was written by Hilaire NGANGA, a Congolese refugee, and sung at the opening of the ceremony on the Yaoundé Mayor Office esplanade.

  • I
  • Long, so long is this way,
  • Limiting, so humiliating,
  • Long, so long is this road,
  • Many have lost their life on it
  • II
  • Long, so long is this way,
  • Hard and so uncertain,
  • Long, so long is this road,
  • Many have lost their life on it
  • III
  • Children, Women, Men,
  • Old and young people fell down on it
  • School and university students, teachers,
  • Parents and friends fell down on it.
  • IV
  • Everything have fallen down, everything have fallen apart,
  • Never, never, did they recover again,
  • And it is here we left their bodies,
  • Everything have fallen down, everything have fallen apart.
  • Chorus: (Twice)
  • We walked, we have been walking,
  • We will walk toward the end of the road.
  • We walked, we have been walking,
  • We will walk with the hope to survive.
  • V
  • There is no room in our heart for the hate any more,
  • Our torturers, our tormentors, our executioner,
  • They are forgiven,
  • As we have left everything,
  • Oh yes, left everything,
  • Even our homeland,
  • Those are only souvenirs.

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