ISSN 1710-6931 July 14, 2006 Issue 77

To A Departing RESPECT Country Coordinator: Thank You

All of RESPECT's staff and volunteers say thank you to Dieudonné Amisi Mutambala for his hard work promoting RESPECT and increasing the awareness of the problems of refugees in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) and Burundi.

At the end of June 2006, Dieudonné announced his departure from his work with RESPECT for an unspecified time. For more than 3 years, Dieudonné was the Country Coordinator for RESPECT DRC and RESPECT Burundi. Despite his wish to continue his work, personal reasons required him to make this decision. Country Coordinator

Global Youth Council

Many young people around the world live in the midst of conflict, or refugee areas. But the rest of the world has yet to hear their stories. Shaping New Worlds (SNW), a partner of RESPECT International, has been working with The Ojai Foundation (TOF) as well as RESPECT, to help these youths in sharing their lives, traditions, histories, and futures with the world, through the Global Youth Council (GYC) Project. Youth Council

Organizations Collaborate To Help Pay School Fees

Working To Empower (WTE), with support from the Center of Youth Development and Adult Education (CELA), recently started an education sponsorship program called Emebet Education Program to pay school fees for the most vulnerable students, orphans and older girls living in the Lugufu camps. In Lugufu camps, as with those in Tanzania, primary school is free but secondary is not. As such, only some children are able to attend. School Fees


CELA Soccer Team

CELA (Center of Youth Development and Adult Education) soccer team. CELA and Working To Empower (WTE) purchased team jerseys, soccer balls, basketballs and net, volleyballs and net, which will be used for sports education.


Volunteer Joins e-Zine Editorial Staff

RESPECT welcomes Angela Carter to the e-Zine editorial staff. She has agreed to take responsibility for editing the English version of the RESPECT e-Zine.

Angela has been volunteering as an e-Zine writer since March, 2006. She has also used her expert editing skills to improve the quality of the e-Zine during that time.

Will Wallace will continue to be responsible for the production and technical aspects of publishing the e-Zine. Sandrine will continue in her role as Editor of the French version of the e-Zine.

You can contact any of the members of the editorial staff by sending an email to


Working With Refugees in Lugufu Refugee Camp

Thirty children in the Lugufu refugee camp in Tanzania take part in RESPECT's pen-pal program. Upon my arrival they were all busy with exams before entering a two-month break so I was unable to meet with the children.

Instead I wandered around the large schools of home-made brick and thatched roof. Classrooms use the walls as a blackboard and are vastly under-equipped. Books are scarce and were the most requested item of my meetings.

When one first walks into Lugufu refugee camp it doesn't look much different from the surrounding small villages, maybe a few hundred residents. But it is not so. The small houses continue on and on. In fact, almost 120,000 Congolese refugees live in Lugufu Camp I and Lugufu Camp II.

These people fled their home country of Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) due to an international war followed by a civil war, which began in 1996. As such many refugees are this year spending their tenth year in the camp. Refugee Camp

As in any newsletter or magazine, RESPECT e-zine is committed to striving for interesting articles and announcements concerning refugee issues all around the world.

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