ISSN 1710-6931 June 2, 2006 Issue 74

A Trip To Remember

To many people in North America, the summer months bring the prospect of a few days off work for a deserved holiday. An unforgettable trip to Europe, a memorable retreat to a paradise island, some time to relax and not think about anything more serious than whether to have fish or meat for dinner.

To a family in California, though, their 2006 dream vacation will not be some form of escape from their everyday problems. Rather, it will be a journey into a world with far more serious problems than the ones they usually face back home. Trip To Remember

Poster Contest Promotes Artistic Skills Among Students

This year's RESPECT International Poster Contest in the Buduburam Refugee Camp in Ghana set the stage for future cooperation between organizers and schools. With the help of the Winnipeg Refugee Education Network (WREN), who helped with the mailing costs of all entries, the contest created an environment encouraging a sense of self-worth among its participants. Artistic Skills

Kids Meeting Kids And Making A Difference

RESPECT is currently looking at a number of organizations and projects with missions similar to RESPECT's. It is interested in what they are doing, what results they are getting, and whether there is room for RESPECT to work with them in some way. Making A Difference


The trifold poster for RESPECT displayed at the Palo Community Schools (Palo, Michigan) International Dinner. This was the fifth year Judy Huynh and her students have held the dinner. Over 300 people attended the dinner.


Refugees' Poster Contest Entries Delayed

Judging for the RESPECT Poster Contest has been delayed because entries from refugee students have not been received. Mail service to and from refugee students can be slow, sometimes taking months for letters to make the trip.

Country coordinators have let us know by email that entries from their students were mailed before the April 1st deadline. Once we have received the entries, we will announce when we expect to have the judging completed.

Enabling e-Learning

A recent donation of $15,000 USD (about €11,775 EUR) has enabled World Computer Exchange (WCE) to deliver 400 Pentium II computer and monitor sets to Freetown, Sierra Leone at $40 USD (about €31.40 EUR) each. WCE is inviting organizations to sponsor the remaining cost of shipping and establishing a computer resource centre. The minimum order is for 20 sets.

Any of RESPECT's partner organizations interested in making a donation can contact Marc Schaeffer. You can find more information on the WCE computer sale page. e-Learning


Oru Refugee Camp Primary School

On 16 May 2006, students from the Oru Refugee Primary School received books and school supplies from RESPECT Nigeria. The children were excited to receive the materials. We expressed our gratitude to RESPECT Nigeria for giving us the materials. Primary School

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