ISSN 1710-6931 May 19, 2006 Issue 73

Grasscutter Project

The Grasscutter Project was created after RESPECT Ghana decided it wanted to implement more activities to teach certain agricultural techniques to young refugees at the Buduburam Refugee Camp. It proved to be the perfect scenario for this case, since it would not only teach valuable lessons to the youngsters, but also had the potential to become a small income generating activity.

The grasscutter farm could be incorporated into the existing Sustainable Agriculture Project developed by RESPECT Ghana, complementing this larger effort and helping create financial returns that could later be used to support the students involved in the project. Grasscutter Project

Long Distances Narrowed

There's not much in common between the life of a 3rd or 4th grader in Michigan and that of a child in Sierra Leone. As a matter of fact, few groups would seem to be as distant as these two at first sight. Thanks to the work of RESPECT and very determined individuals, teachers and students, this great distance is getting a lot narrower these days.

A group of students from a school in Ann Arbor, Michigan, has been exchanging letters and experiences with children at a school in Freetown, Sierra Leone, thousands of miles away. Sharing their different impressions on the world they live in, these students are learning about different realities they had never thought about - nor most of their parents, for that matter. In an obvious situation where all the involved parties benefit, these children help each other in understanding their challenges, values, interests, passions, and experiences. Distances Narrowed


Teachers as students

Teachers pose after taking part in Logan Cochrane's HIV/AIDS training.


Third Shipment of Books On Their Way to Nigeria

The third shipment of books to RESPECT Nigeria was mailed out on Friday, April 28th. The load was 32 pounds 4 ounces (about 14.7 kilograms), and cost a little over $37 USD (about €29 EUR) in shipment charges, mostly funded by Mary Lucas. Thanks a lot to Mary for paying for this shipment!

The books were hand-picked by Avanika Krishnaswamy and Suchira Sen. A big bunch of thanks to them for taking the time and effort!

Many thanks to Norma Burchard and Gloria at Friends of Palo Alto Library (FOPAL) for arranging a good time for book pickup and helping with the book selection! We really appreciate the ongoing support of FOPAL for our project for the past one year!

School Supplies Arrive At Oru Refugee School

After four long months, I received an email from Francis Abayomi, coordinator for RESPECT Nigeria, saying, "I am so happy to inform you that your shipment of school supplies to pupils of Oru Refugee Primary school was received."

RESPECT was made into an action group at Simon Fraser Public Research Interest Group (SFPIRG) a year and a half ago at Simon Fraser University in British Columbia, Canada. We are entitled $200 CAD (about $179 USD or €140 EUR) every semester to use as we wish. In December 2005, we wanted to send school supplies to the children of the Oru Refugee Primary School in Nigeria. School Supplies

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