ISSN 1710-6931 April 7, 2006 Issue 70

Letters from Guinea

Dear Marc,

Today I received the letters you sent.

I can honestly say that now, for the first time since I started volunteering with RESPECT, I am beginning to understand the power of this program. As I opened the first envelope and removed the stack of letters, I felt something completely unlike I had ever felt before reading about refugee issues in the newspaper or writing articles based on the things I've read. It was overwhelming. Letters

Education Through Celebration: Refugee Rights Day in Canada

On 4 April 1985, the Supreme Court of Canada ruled that refugees are included under the mandate of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms (Section 7) and the Canadian Bill of Rights (Section 2e) and thus, like everyone else physically present in Canada, are entitled to life, liberty, and security and to a fair hearing. Consequently, on April 4th every year, Canada celebrates Refugee Rights Day to honour this landmark ruling and to raise awareness about the rights of refugees and challenges to the refugee claimant system. Refugee Rights

RESPECT University Offers Courses To Refugees in Uganda

Homelessness and poverty, due to ongoing war, have made life difficult for refugees and internally displaced people (IDPs) in Northern Uganda. Many refugee youth fail to seek admission in schools or continue their education due to lack of school fees and poverty. While realizing the need for education, RESPECT University has recently offered free courses to students living in IDP camps in Northern Uganda. University Courses


Cooperative Enterprise students

Students listen intently during the RESPECT University Cooperative Enterprise course. Aaron Nii Lamtee Lawson, Course Coordinator and Youth Development Worker leads the session.


Brushes down!

The final postmark date for RESPECT's International Poster Contest has passed. On April 1, refugee children from Northern Uganda, the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), Ghana, and Sierra Leone; as well as non-refugee children in Canada, France, Australia, Indonesia, and Japan finished painting their insights on the ROAD TO PEACE. Country Coordinators took entries to the post office to be mailed to Winnipeg for judging in early June.

Anthony Macedo Barlee, Dieudonné Amisi Mutambala, Edmond Wilkinson, Tom Fred Obonyo and the other Country Coordinators involved have done a fabulous job of organizing entries from hundreds of children to be completed and posted by April 1. Sponsors David EisBrenner of the Winnipeg Refugee Education Network (WREN) and RESPECT's own Marc Schaeffer and Will Wallace have shown unerring commitment in ensuring donations reached refugee schools to help with postage costs on time.

Results of the contest will be published here. Winning entries will become RESPECT E-Cards, available at

Thanks and good luck to all participants!


Guinean Refugee Schools Join the Pen Pal Program

Five Guinean refugee schools have recently enrolled in RESPECT's letter exchange program. All together, the new additions to the RESPECT community will introduce over 700 interested refugee students to the international pen pal program.

All but one of the schools is located in the Kountaya Refugee Camp in Guinea's Kissidougou region. Schools Join

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