ISSN 1710-6931 November 25, 2005 Issue 61

Computer Classes Meet Expectations, But …

A survey of students at Mohomou Refugee School's computer classes, set up with donations from the LeValley United Methodist Church, revealed mixed feelings about the classes, and some very definite ideas of what should be done to improve them.

The students, mostly in eleventh or twelfth grade, range in age from fifteen to twenty-one and are studying the second module of their course, Microsoft Word. Despite the differing ages, the students all agree on one thing: they will need computer knowledge to move on in their lives, and this class is the best way for them to get it. Classes

Over 700 French Speaking Students Exchange Letters

The very first letters have been exchanged between French speaking refugee and non-refugee pen pals. There are 357 refugees students from schools in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Tanzania, Benin, Cameroon, and Burundi that have been introduced to 351 students from France, USA, Canada, Russia, and Andorra.

Thanks to all the teachers, parents, and students. We convey our special gratitude to all of the refugee volunteers and teachers. As well as to the seven non-refugee teachers who were involved last year and who decided to continue the program again in 2005-2006. We wish them all a great letter exchange, may the experience be warm and constructive for everyone. French



RESPECT International Coordinator Marc Schaeffer has begun collaborating with David Kenneth Waldman, Founder, President, and CEO of To Love Children (TLC) International on ways both organizations can work together to address education issues among refugees.

According to their website, TLC's mission is: "To educate the girl child in the developing world, by creating sustainable educational environments that enables girls to break the cycle of poverty. To ensure the inherent dignity and inalienable rights of all girl children to education, economic freedom, justice, health and peace."


Drawing of children with signs about education

There are 121 million children who are not in school, but who would love to have to opportunity to attend.

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