ISSN 1710-6931 October 14, 2005 Issue 58

A Letter's Journey

Since 2003, thanks to the sponsorship program organized by RESPECT International, Isabelle, Rosanne, Frédéric, Magali, Nathalie, Séverinne and Alice from Center of Help through Work (CAT) La Rivière in Pontivy, France exchange letters with Shiabwe, Issa, Abongyo, Asuma, Mzaliwa, Mfumbe and Rashidi from the Pemba Institute in Munene, Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC).

Thursday 28 April 2005: The French students have just finished writing their letters and they will post them tomorrow. The letters from the non-refugee students to their refugee pen pals will take a long journey with many obstacles. Journey

Oru Refugee Primary School Receives Books

A consignment of novels, children stories, was received at the Oru Refugee Primary School. These books are sincerely appreciated.

Special thanks to the great volunteer Madhuri, who assisted in getting the books from the Palo Alto public library in the USA, and the host of other volunteers who contributed to make sure these books are shipped to Nigeria. We also thank Francis Abayomi, RESPECT Nigeria Country Coordinator, who brought the children books directly to the camp for student use. He has been at the forefront of making sure children in this school get the best primary education.

The head teachers and teachers say a wonderful "Thank You" on behalf of the Oru Refugee Primary School children. We hope we will always be remembered in spite of all the stresses, and that you will continue your support of children who had been driven away from their homeland, and are struggling to make the best out of life and wanting to see what this beautiful life has for us in the future.

Education to Extend Life

In the up-coming year, with the help of the RESPECT team and refugee affiliates, I will venture into a new domain of educational supply for the organization: a training in four African refugee communities to spread AIDS/HIV awareness. The goal, on a basic level, is to increase knowledge concerning the virus and the disease.

The whole project has been built in collaboration with RESPECT affiliates in Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), Tanzania, and Benin. I will lead community awareness meetings, train individuals in the selected areas, and provide reliable information about protection from contracting the disease.

The specifics of each program differ as each location has differing needs and requests in regards to how such programs ought to be organized. AIDS


A Walk On The Child's Side

GuluWalk Day is on October 22nd, a day when people in over 40 cities around the world will walk in solidarity for the Night Commuters, the true victims of the all but forgotten 19-year civil war in Uganda.

Every night, up to 40,000 children living in rural northern Uganda walk into urban centres to sleep in relative safety and to escape the rebel army. To stay home would mean risking abduction and life as a child soldier, sex slave, or even death. GuluWalk

DVD Bundles UNHCR Videos

Educators, students, and other users of United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) resources will be glad to know that UNHCR Office in Ottawa has just released a single DVD containing five UNHCR videos to be used for pedagogic purposes. This DVD includes the following titles:

  • To be a Refugee, a 15-minute movie with five refugee children recounting their lives as refugees.
  • Human Rights, Refugees, and UNHCR, an 8-minute video linking refugee issues to human rights.
  • Journey of Hope, a 26-minute illustration of the resettlement process of two refugee families.



A Letter From a Refugee Student

The following paragraphs are excerpts of a letter from a refugee student in the Kola Refugee Camp, Guinea.

Water and Sanitation

Kola refugee camp is divided into six zones (A-F). Each zone has at least one water pump, but this is not enough for a zone, where approximately 1500 refugees live. In my zone (A) for example, there is only one water pump. As a result, people go to get water from the pump as early as 4:00 AM, in order to avoid confrontation with the crowd when day breaks. Letter

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