ISSN 1710-6931 September 2, 2005 Issue 55

RESPECT Burundi Announces New Country Coordinator

Dieudonn√© Amisi Mutambala has agreed to take on the responsibility of country coordinator duties for RESPECT Burundi. He has been the country coordinator for RESPECT Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) since March 2003. And is the Founder and Director of ‘Artists for Humanity (ArtHum)’. He has undertaken a variety of activities as coordinator including raising awareness of refugee issues in the DRC and implementing distance education courses. In addition to working with RESPECT and ArtHum, he has managed, designed, and carried out institutional activities that have led him to encounters with diverse groups and structures. He has worked with the army, human rights advocates, refugees, warlords, religious leaders, humanitarian organizations, and militias, among other groups. He is also actively involved in the InterAgency Network for Education in Emergencies (INEE). Below are excerpts of an interview I had, via email, with him. Burundi

Computer Center At Mohoumou Refugee School Busy

The computer center at Mohoumou Refugee school, with computers donated by the Palo Community School in Palo Michigan, USA, is not like any I have ever seen. It consists of a basic classroom, a generator, six computers, a few Liberian refugee teachers, freshly trained in Microsoft, and hundreds of eager students. But that little school is busy. Mohoumou


Drip irrigation agriculture project garden in Ghana

The drip irrigation agriculture project garden in Ghana blossoms.


Priest Helps Refugee Students Receive Mail

RESPECT thanks Father Gaudin for allowing his post office box (PO Box) to be used by refugee students to receive mail. He is a Belgian priest in charge of the Parish Sainte Anne D'Obili, Yaounde, Cameroon.

Father Gaudin's PO Box will be used by eight refugee pen pals who have been paired with eight french high school students, and by six RESPECT University students to receive assignments for a course in International Law and Human Rights.

Prior to this, RESPECT Cameroon and RESPECT Yaounde Club coordinator Nestor Nyoma was paying a person with a PO Box 100 franc CFA (approximately $0.19 USD or €0.15 euros) for each piece of mail received.


New Drip Irrigation System Blossoms in Ghana

After numerous attempts at a successful irrigation system in Ghana's Buduburam Refugee Camp, a new drip irrigation system (DIS) has been introduced, and has been well-received by all who have used it.

DIS was introduced by farmers in the late 1960s. For the system to work, tiny holes are made along a hose, allowing for small amounts of water to slowly drip into the soil. Water and agrochemicals (fertilizers, pesticides, etc.) are distributed directly to the root zones of the plants at rates set specifically for each type of plant. The DIS requires regular cleaning and the water source's quality must be carefully monitored. Irrigation

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