ISSN 1710-6931 August 5, 2005 Issue 53

Oru Refugee Camp Focus of MastersÂ’ Research

We frequently read stories in our e-Zine about the lives of people living and working in and around refugee camps. Now Idaraesit Asuquo, a new member of RESPECT Nigeria, is exploring this in greater depth.

Idaraesit, a Masters students at the International Peace and Conflict Institute of the University of Ibadan, Ibadan, Nigeria, is conducting her research on the impact of armed conflict on women and children. Rather than trying to add to the informative data already gathered by other researchers, Idaraesit is instead focussing on the legal and institutional mechanisms in place to help women and children. Research

Refugees Letters Arrive En Masse

Over six hundred refugee letters have arrived at RESPECT International in Winnipeg, Canada from Guinea. Refugee students come from Mohomou Refugee School, Central Refugee School, Camp Kola Refugee School, and the International Rescue Committee (IRC) Vocational School. Many of these letters come with photographs, some contain poems and life stories.

Ninety letters have also recently arrived from refugee students in Buduburam Refugee Camp in Ghana. And thirty letters were recently received from Oru Refugee Camp in Nigeria.

All of these young refugee students are very interested in finding pen pals from around the world. If you are a teacher or a group leader - or if you know any teachers who may be interested - please consider visiting our website and registering your class to be connected with a group of young refugee students. Communication by letter builds bridges between refugee youth and youth around the world.


RESPECT Partners With PEOI

RESPECT International and the Professional Education Organization International (PEOI) are planning to publish some of RESPECT University courses on the PEOI website and provide PEOI digital courses on CD-ROM to refugee computer centers and communities.

Both organizations are working to provide education to those who are excluded from traditional educational systems around the world.

PEOI is a non-profit organization providing free online courses to upgrade the skills of aspiring professionals, to serve businesses employing them, universities awarding degrees, and faculty offering instruction.

Laptops Arrive in the Democratic Republic of the Congo

Four laptops donated to RESPECT International by Computers for Schools Manitoba have successfully arrived in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) and into the hands of our country coordinator, Dieudonne Amisi Mutambala. These laptops had a very long journey that was comprised of more that simple kilometers. Laptops

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