ISSN 1710-6931 July 8, 2005 Issue 51

RESPECT University Starts Business Course in Nigeria

RESPECT: As a voluntary Business Skills tutor of refugees in Nigeria, please tell me how you discovered RESPECT and what made you decide to volunteer.

David Beasley: When I came across the "Online Volunteering" site, I wasn’t looking for anything in particular. At that stage, all I knew was that I wanted to try something different, something challenging, and to do some work for a good cause. I came across RESPECT International and thought I would enquire about more information. The reply I received was enough in itself to convince me this was an organization I would really like to be involved with. University

Laptop Computer Operation Starts for South Kivu, DRC

The idea of setting up a "laptop operation" was born in March 2005 when Marc Schaeffer, RESPECT International Coordinator and Founder, picked up four refurbished laptops from the Canadian NGO, Computers for Schools.

The operation is aimed to set up a mobile training center in South Kivu, Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC). This province has more than thirty refugee schools involved in the RESPECT letter exchange program. Refugees from this part of the DRC are exchanging letters with students from Belgium, Russia, France, USA, Canada (Quebec), and even Brazil. Laptops

Computer Science Student Plans Training for Volunteers in Uganda

Emmanuel Mugarura is a final year degree student in Computer Science. He is planning to train computer basics to the volunteers of RESPECT International in Uganda, who in turn will invest their efforts to educate the refugee population living in the camps of Northern Uganda.

RESPECT: Tell me about your computer training center and your organization.

Emmanuel Mugarura: I’m just a final year computer science student, so I don't have an organization as such, but we are in the process of setting up one. We want to train the people from Kitgum because I know basically what they need, except that I don't know their level of expertise.

RESPECT: How did you get involved with RESPECT International?

Emmanuel Mugarura: Initially, I wanted to find opportunities with United Nations Volunteer (UNV) specialists but I was told I was under age for that and to apply 3 years later. So, I thought to utilize my time doing some voluntary work with UN Volunteers, the online version. Training

Diary of a Filmmaker Visiting Oru Refugee Camp, Nigeria

Wednesday 1st June, 2005

This was the first day that we spent in the camp. It was called an open refugee camp in that the residents were free to come and go as they please. Some of the elderly refugees were given a food allowance, but most of the 7,000 refugees were expected to earn money and feed themselves as well as their families. Diary

Work Progresses at Lugufu Camp in Tanzania

RESPECT: Please tell us about Lugufu, and your connection with RESPECT.

Atuu Waonaje: I came across RESPECT while surfing the net. Since then we've had a very fruitful relationship. Lugufu



Church at Lugufu Refugee Camp

Inside a church at Lugufu Refugee Camp, Tanzania.


RESPECT Volunteer Named a UN Volunteer of the Year

Sandrine Cortet

Sandrine Cortet was among the ten winners of the United Nations (UN) Online Volunteer of the Year Award for 2005. The winners were announced June 28, 2005 by the United Nations Volunteers (UNV) program and its Online Volunteering (OV) service. Award

New French Coordinator for RESPECT University

RESPECT University is very pleased to announce that Pierre-Alain Richardot is now coordinating courses for French-speaking refugee students. Any potential tutors can find out more from him be email at:

Report on RESPECT University Journalism Course

A Ugandan refugee, Okot Hannington, aged 20 years, has joined a journalism course created and administered by RESPECT University tutor Heather Lister (UK). Course

Unite For Sight Volunteer Opportunities

Unite For Sight (UFS) has many new volunteer opportunities in Africa, Asia, Latin America, and Eastern Europe for the Fall, Winter, and Spring. Some opportunities are still available for the Summer, too. Opportunities are available in rural villages, urban locations, and refugee camps (including in the tsunami region). You can read about all of the opportunities the UFS International Volunteer Opportunities webpage.


RESPECT Ghana Holds Meeting for Key Volunteers

On the 18 June 2005, RESPECT Ghana had a meeting at the Buduburam Refugee Community to discuss progress reports and to plan effectively for its activities, particularly for all students involved in the letter exchange program. Meeting



I read the poem by Grant. [ e-Zine 50] It is indeed the baseline need of each refugee. Actually the word REFUGEE stands indeed for these words:

R: Rehabilitation
E: Environment
F: Food
U: Understanding
G: Giving
E: Education
E: Emergency

It means a refugee must have Rehabilitation in an Environment that makes Food available, creates an Understanding by Giving Education in the times of Emergency.

Being a Refugee

Oh! Be careful the life of being a refugee is not a kind of good life you are living today. Although I have the pain in me, but I may tell you what it is to be a refugee. Refugee

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