ISSN 1710-6931 June 24, 2005 Issue 50 
RESPECT e-Zine celebrates its 50th Issue

RESPECT e-Zine Celebrates Its 50th Issue

RESPECT International is currently entering our fourth year of working to increase awareness of refugee issues amongst youth from around the world, in part by introducing refugee students to non-refugee students by pen-pal letter exchange. Fiftieth

RESPECT University Launches Course in Northern Uganda

Catherine Barr
Catherine Barr

The first assignments from a new RESPECT University course were just recently received by their tutor for marking, and she was pleasantly surprised by just how well the students are grounded in the subject. Course

Plans for Youth Camp Develop in Nigeria

Atan JDPC (Justice Development and Peace Committee) is a Roman Catholic based NGO with nearly four years of success to its name.

Located in the rural Ijebu area of the Ogun State of Nigeria, Atan JDPC runs a host of programmes designed to benefit a wide range of members of the community. These include democracy monitoring and the human rights programme, which aims to 'make sure that poor people are not trampled on unnecessarily', in the words of the JDPC's Training and Financial Development Coordinator Adeniyi Ogunsanya. Plans

'Lola Olasehan Raises Funds for RESPECT Nigeria

'Lola Olasehan has been an active online volunteer for RESPECT Nigeria since April 2005. As Francis Abayomi reported in "Tribute to Volunteers in Nigeria" in the last issue of the e-Zine, 'Lola was able to raise ₦14600 through corporate sponsorship for the Sponsor a Child project. The funds given to the project will provide much-needed educational material, clothes and food for children at the Oru Refugee Primary School. Here an interview with Lola about her efforts. 'Lola



Mikado Wayko bringing out the chalks

RESPECT Nigeria volunteer Mikado Wayko bringing out the chalks for presentation with assistance from DeoLinda Iloba, a Sierra Leonean.


RESPECT Europe at World Refugee Day

RESPECT Europe, along with other international organisations, was present at the events organised in Brussels by UNHCR and Caritas Belgium to commemorate World Refugee Day. The purpose of the events was to remind those of us who live in relative safety, there are millions of refugees still suffering in the world. "Courage in the face of flight and exile" was the theme of World Refugee Day 2005, where among African rhythms and Latino dances, RESPECT has been trying to help spread the message that refugee communities still need a lot of help from all of us. Refugee Day


Unite for Sight Volunteer Provides Education in Thailand

Unite for Sight (UFS)is a nonprofit organization that enables communities around the world to improve eye health and take steps to eliminate preventable blindness. UFS has more than 4000 volunteers in schools, businesses, and communities around the world.

Vicki Simons, a volunteer with UFS, traveled to Thailand in March of this year. The purpose of her trip was to educate refugee students at the AEIOU Program of Chiang Mai University, to provide eye care at a refugee camp in Thailand, and lay the groundwork for a second phase program that UFS will hold in Thailand from December 2005 through April 2006. UFS


Refugees' Sufferings: More Reflections

This is the final of three collections of poems written by refugee and non-refugee students.


If I were a refugee my dreams would be
To sleep and stay in a warm safe place
I would wish for peace at my home country
And for food and money in this new country
I would need a good education,
And to be safe.
That’s what I would want as a refugee. Reflections

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