ISSN 1710-6931 June 10, 2005 Issue 49

Werner Awareness Raising Event a Success

David Monahan and his team from Werner Elementary International Committee, who work closely with RESPECT, raised almost $2000 at a recent event designed to raise awareness of the situation for residents of Northern Ugandan villages.

The event, a silent auction held at Werner Elementary School, also included awareness raising activities, African music, and sales of African-style goods. 10,000 Villages and Bead for Life also took part in the event, donating a percentage of their profits. David hopes to build on this success with similar events, and the possibility of further initiatives to sell refugee camp produced goods, although this is still in the planning stage. Werner

Volunteer Helps Ship Computers

About a year ago, Meesa Chungfat noticed a sign on the wall at her university for an organization called RESPECT International - Refugee Education Sponsorship Program: Enhancing Communities Together. Ever since then, Chungfat, a Communications student at Simon Fraser University in Canada, has been committed to contributing her time, effort, and creativity to improve the lives of refugees worldwide. Volunteer

RESPECT University launches Comics for Change course

Melody (Mel) Basham, who has been with RESPECT University for only a few weeks, is the creator of the unique course Comics for Change. Her interest in social activism, education, and international development grew from her studies in Social Anthropology. Through the Comics for Change course, she is using her strong background as a cartoonist and animator to "encourage literacy, education, cultural exchange, and social activism through comics," as stated in the Comics for Change website's mission statement.

The program and materials used are modeled by World Comics Finland, World Comics India, and Charkha (a nonprofit group based in India). On the website for World Comics Finland, it states that "most any issue, idea or fact can be explained in a comic." As a result, it can be used for social change. . . which is what this course and the above organizations have sought to do. Comics

RESPECT Welcomes Buduburam Refugee Camp in Ghana

Anthony Barlee

Anthony Barlee

Without doubt, the most effective way for a refugee organisation to gain credibility with new communities is by communicating through people who have experienced displacement for themselves.

Anthony Barlee, who is currently helping introduce RESPECT to the Buduburam refugee camp in Ghana, is just such a person. Buduburam



Francis ABAYOMI donates chalk

Francis ABAYOMI, Country coordinator RESPECT Nigeria making donation of ten packets of school chalks to the students as they watch with their teacher DeoLinda Iloba, a Sierra Leonean.


Tribute to volunteers in Nigeria

RESPECT Nigeria received great assistance from 'Lola Olasehan, one of our active online volunteers in Nigeria. She has assisted in raising funds for the Oru primary school children and writing letters. Within one hour of sending the emails to contributors, she was able to raise ₦14600 (Nigerian Nairas - NGN) for the Sponsor a Child project. The project entails the cost of educating, clothing, and feeding a child at the Oru Refugee Primary School, Oru, Ogun State. She will be attempting to continue sending similar writings to corporate workers via email. Tribute

Catch It If You Can

The Run for Rights is an event to raise money for organizations which are working for social justice and human rights. This year is the fourth annual Run and will be held on Saturday, June 11th. It will start and end at Kildonan Park in Winnipeg. Registration for the Run will start at 8:30 AM on that day, and the Run will start at 9:30 AM. The participants raise pledges before the day of the event to support an organization of their choice. They can run, walk, cycle, or wheel along a 5 km or 10 km route. Run

European Branch of RESPECT Is Born

Newsflash - The European branch of RESPECT has just been officially registered in Belgium as a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO). We shall inform you of planned activities very soon.

World Refugee Day:
June 20 2005

Courage in the face of flight and exile is the theme of World Refugee Day 2005. More information is available on the UNHCR website.

NetAid Application
Deadline Extended

The application deadline for both the NetAid Global Action Awards and NetAid Global Citizen Corps has been extended to June 15th. You can apply online at:

NetAid Global Action Awards offer $5,000 and a trip to New York City. NetAid Global Citizen Corps is building a youth movement to fight global poverty.


More Reflections of Refugee Sufferings

This is the second of three collections of poems written by refugee and non-refugee students.


I could see the guns firing,
I could see them explode,
I wanted to look away,
But I couldn't.
Everything was destroyed
My hopes, my dreams, everything.
Why attack us? I did't do it!
Our town was burned - only a few
Of us got away.
Why us?

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