ISSN 1710-6931 April 29, 2005 Issue 46

Life in Northern Uganda

Tom Fred Obonyo, 41, is the Chairperson of Agoro Community Development Association (ACDA), Coordinator of RESPECT Uganda, and Security officer with Oxfam GB (Uganda). In and exclusive interview with RESPECT International, Tom explains the plight of refugees and internally displaced persons (IDPs) living in camps of northern Uganda.

"I am Tom Fred Obonyo, born in 1964 in Agoro sub-county Kitgum District in the parish called Pobar Goloro village. I am married and have four children."

The violence against IDPs in northern Uganda is the common phenomena. The school children, adults, women, no one is safe there. Lack of food, clothes, clean water and health facilities, are some of grave problems before displaced masses in camps of Agoro. Education is the other thorny choice for budding youth in Agoro. The helplessness of refugees' community and atrocities of Lord Resistance Army (LRA) yet go parallel. more>>

School's International Committee Helps Refugees

One criticism that is frequently leveled at the United States, is that there is often a lack of engagement by policy makers and the public in what happens outside its borders. Yet the efforts of one school in Colorado who are working hard to raise awareness of refugee issues show that the reality is actually more complex than this.

Werner Elementary School in Fort Collins, a city which lies about 65 miles north of Denver, last year began a communications exchange with a village in Northern Uganda. more>>

A Battle For Hope

From the 18th to the 28th of March, David Gonzalez, VP Communications at RESPECT International, had the chance to visit Armenia. During his 10-day trip, Mr. Gonzalez visited the entire country, seeing the general situation in camps set for refugees and Internally Displaced People (IDP), while interviewing representatives of several local and international NGOs. The refugees in these camps are those who had to flee from Azerbaijan, while IDPs relocated from other areas inside Armenia. more>>


Picture of family housing in Yeghvard, Armenia
Many families in Yeghvard, Armenia still live in wagon trains.
(Picture taken by David Gonzalez, RESPECT International)


UNHCR Donates CD-ROMs to RESPECT Libraries

Last month, the United National High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR) donated two copies of Issue 12 of their CD collection Refworld 2004 to RESPECT. RESPECT will be adding the gift to a CD library they are preparing for two computer resource centers RESPECT helped to establish in Northern Uganda and Guinea. more>>

NetAid Global Citizen Corps

NetAid Global Citizen Corps empowers high school student leaders to educate and mobilize their peers in efforts to fight global poverty.

NetAid Global Action Awards honor high school students who are working to improve the lives of the world's poor with $5,000 for college or a charitable cause of their choice. more>>

Run for Rights

On June 11, RESPECT will be participating in a "Run for Rights" alongside Amnesty International, and Winnipeg Refugee Education Network (WREN). Anyone in Winnipeg interested in participating should contact Marc Schaeffer at:

Thank You

RESPECT thanks Assiniboine Credit Union for donating $45 (CAD) in service fees back to RESPECT in recognition of the humanitarian nature of the work we are doing.


Bridging The Digital Divide

Francis Abayomi is the current coordinator for RESPECT Nigeria and has been working selflessly for refugee communities in the area. One of the current projects he and other volunteers are working on diligently, is getting computers to various centers in Nigeria in order to bridge the digital divide in these communities. This computer education program will provide both youth and adults with internet and computer literacy skills. Here is an interview with Francis discussing the program in more detail. more>>

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