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RESPECT en Français

Sandrine Cortet
Sandrine Cortet

Co-ordinator for French RESPECT, Sandrine Cortet, has been with the organisation for less than a year, but she has already had many roles within it, and worked on some large scale projects.

Sandrine was introduced to RESPECT by a neighbour and co-volunteer at a not-for-profit organisation in New York, and began volunteering for RESPECT as editor of the French e-zine, and translator of articles from English to French. This role rapidly grew as she became involved in setting up a network of French speaking pen-pals with Dieudonne Amisi Mutambala, the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) Coordinator, and Marc Schaeffer. more>>

Buduburam Refugee Camp

At first glance, Buduburam Refugee Camp looks like a combination of lively shantytown and bustling African marketplace. The spaces between the shaky wooden stands that support bowls of red palm nuts, pig hooves, and pineapples are packed with noisy people on a Sunday morning.

People are shouting for bargains in thousands of Ghanaian cedis (Ghanaian currency), and are swooping in on the best plantains (type of banana) before their neighbor buys them. Flies swarm the slabs of meat and the festering baked fish, but people are picking them up and stuffing them into bags anyway as deals are closed. At 6 am, the weather is already hot enough to make the thawing crabs steam. more>>

Let Their Voices Be Heard

Born and brought up in Scotland, music writer Cedric Chesterman always thought about doing some volunteer work. However, constantly moving between England, Germany and France left him few options in terms of finding a volunteer post he could commit to. Fortunately, he found the option of online volunteering.

When Cedric learned about the work being done with refugees by RESPECT, he immediately knew he had a chance to directly help people from other parts of the world through his work. Having studied music technology and established an independent record label, he wanted to show people how to produce and record songs or general audio documentaries. more>>


Essay Competition for Refugee Students

Gerald Hamilton, a twenty-six year old American database programmer, first got involved with young people and sport through an article on the Children's World website about a teenager in a refugee camp in Kenya, who wished to get a good education and play sports. Inspired by this article, Gerald eventually managed to track down the young man, and several months later, he arrived in America to study and play sports. more>>


RESPECT Nigeria Activities Making Positive Change at Oru Camp

After months of organization, meetings, approvals, and much applied effort, RESPECT Nigeria and its activities are in full swing at Oru Refugee Camp, Country Coordinator Francis Abayomi reports. Oru Primary School is currently involved in a letter exchange program with an elementary school in Toronto, Canada.

Meanwhile, five of Oru's hard-working older refugee students are advancing their education under the tutelage of Iona Lister with RESPECT University. The camp is also eagerly awaiting the arrival of new donated computers which are sure to benefit the entire community. more>>

Homeschoolers Help Refugees in Northern Uganda

Recently the Dallas Area Homeschoolers Roots & Shoots (R&S) group organized a garage sale event and raised $525 (USD) from the sale and outside donations. The money will be sent to the Agoro Community in Northern Uganda where it will be spent on building a local vocational school, to help cover teacher allowances, for buying text books, and for mailing letters. more>>

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