ISSN 1710-6931 January 21, 2005 Issue 39

Natural Disaster Youth Summit

Our hearts are all with those victims caused by the earthquake and tsunami that happened around Indian Ocean. It is sad to say this is the way the year of 2004 is leaving.

Friends, it seems for me the earth tells, "You, human beings are on a crust of the living earth. The living earth has its own awful energy and its restless motion started 46 hundred million years ago. I do not care to whom, when, where; it is my own motion, not for you."

On this rending crust of earth, we live and have built our societies. When we face the violent motion of earth, how we can keep our lives safe and survive. more>>

UFS Teams With RESPECT To Improve Eye Health

Unite For Sight (UFS) is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization that empowers communities worldwide to improve eye health and eliminate preventable blindness. Founded by Jennifer Staple while a sophomore college student at Yale University in September 2000, the organization now includes more than 4,000 volunteers working in ninety chapters established at universities, medical schools, corporations, high schools, and in communities throughout the world. Additionally, Volunteer Teams are sent to 25 countries to provide eye care and eye health education programs to medically underserved communities.

Unite For Sight began its USAID-funded Refugee Camp Program at Buduburam Refugee Camp in Ghana on December 28, 2004. The volunteer team is distributing eyeglasses and sunglasses, implementing eye health education programs, and providing cataract surgeries and diagnosis and treatment for all people with eye diseases. After the successful coordination of this program, Unite For Sight sought to implement similar programs in other refugee camps throughout the world and is pleased to partner with RESPECT International. more>>


From a Refugee Student

I am over joyous and I appreciate the good and hard work you guys here and in Canada are doing for us and to make us have a sense of belonging and bridge the gap with the outside world.

It is my dream to have a friend outside this country ever since I came to Nigeria and RESPECT Nigeria has just done that for me, it like a dream come true.

I will like RESPECT to continue with this program because it is nice.

Lawrence Gonkanu (Liberia)


Genius International Organization

Volunteer organizations such as RESPECT in large part rely on word of mouth for awareness and support. An effective way of achieving this is by linking up with other non-governmental organizations (NGOs). This allows RESPECT to disseminate information on many other inspiring projects around the world through its website and e-Zine, while also bringing programmes like RESPECT's letter exchange program to a wider audience.

One NGO RESPECT is currently in discussions with is the Genius International Organization (GIO). Formed in 1995, with offices in Tokyo and Lagos, Nigeria GIO is a non-profit that networks with other NGOs in Africa at the rural and urban community level to provide assistance for young people, women, and disadvantaged groups. more>>

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