ISSN 1710-6931 December 10, 2004 Issue 36

The Refugee Project: Exhibiting Exile

Kelley Beaverford, the Assistant Professor of Interior Design at the University of Manitoba, is working with students of the Masters of Interior Design Studio One to create a three-dimensional exhibition experience to shed light on the global refugee crisis.

The project is being done in collaboration with photojournalist Bikem Ekberzade and the Winnipeg Refugee Education Network (WREN). Ms. Ekberzade's photography makes statements about the global community and has been exhibited in galleries across the US, Europe, and the Middle East, and has been seen in many publications. more>>

Japanese students participate in letter exchange

For a typical Japanese high school student, leisure seems like a luxury because on top of his normal school workload, he still has to attend cram school (private specialized educational organizations which help students in a particular type of course, say entrance exams for foreign schools). Nonetheless, this did not keep 39 students from Kokawa Senior High School in Wakayama Prefecture, Japan, from participating in RESPECT's global letter exchange program.

Initiated by Julie, a Canadian Assistant Language Teacher (ALT) on the JET program, one 2nd-year class of 39 students has participated thus far and another 2nd-year group of 40 is waiting for their letters. The introduction of a letter-exchange program was easily approved by the principal of the school as both students and teachers alike were surprised and excited with the prospect of students exchanging letters with African students. Most of Julie’s students have never traveled out of Japan before and this was a good opportunity to educate students about a different part of the world, as well as to remind them that life was neither as easy nor peaceful in some parts of the world as at home. more>>

French Letter Exchange

The best way of helping young people develop an understanding of distant countries and cultures is to somehow find a way of bringing these cultures directly into the classroom.

It is with overcoming this geographical hurdle in mind that RESPECT International has been developing a letter exchange programme between students in France, and French speaking refugees in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). more>>

French Law Affects Global Letter Exchange

Some of the refugee replies received by French students had to be edited before being given to the students. The letters contained religious references in violation of French law.

The Jules Ferry laws, enacted as early as the 1880's, established free, secular, and compulsory schooling for every French child up to the age of twelve; modern French law makes education compulsory to age sixteen. A teacher who violates the laws risks being sanctioned. more>>


RESPECT USA Incorporation Being Considered

RESPECT International is considering incorporating its first official affiliate -- "RESPECT USA." If you are interested in working with us on this exciting venture please contact:

Beta-Version of Online Course Available

RESPECT International, with the volunteer leadership of Anne Sadashiva and Sergio Hernández, have put together an online course in Refugee Awareness Education we affectionately call "Refugees 101". All feedback will be appreciated. Please explore the beta-version of this course online at: You will need to login as guest to access the course.

Refugee School to Receive Computers

Mohomou Refugee School is expecting to receive twelve computers through World Computer Exchange over the next two weeks.

RESPECT University to Offer English Course

RESPECT University will be launching sections of "English for Academic Purposes" with refugee students in our affiliated refugee schools.


Girl Guiding/Girl Scouting

Meeting The Needs of Refugee Girls And Women

Girl Guiding/Girl Scouting is an activity for girls and young women, undertaken in their free time, that offers those who take part adventure, challenge and purpose. It gives girls the opportunity to try many different interests, and at the same time learn self-reliance and develop self-esteem. It aims to prepare them to be resourceful, responsible and to think for themselves. Girl Guiding/Girl Scouting emphasizes the importance of specific values and contributing to the community in which Girl Guides/Girl Scouts live. It works by giving opportunities to girls and young women where they can learn and grow by making decisions, doing and discovering for themselves and having fun at the same time. more>>

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