ISSN 1710-6931 November 12, 2004 Issue 34

Interior Design Exhibit To Highlight Refugee Issues

This December, an Interior Design exhibit project will be held highlighting the emotional aspects of refugee issues.

The University of Manitoba Interior Design students are exploring many different aspects of this in their work. Students will be using photographs of refugees taken by Turkish photojournalist Bikem Ekberzade. Ms. Ekberzade hopefully will be speaking at the event. more>>

Third Annual Africa Awareness Symposium To Be Held At UBC

The theme for the Third Annual Africa Awareness/Afro-Fest will be "Rethinking Africa and the Diasporic Connection: The Role and Responsibilities of the [Western] Academy." The symposium, to be held at the University of British Columbia (UBC), is scheduled for January 24-28, 2005, with the conference to follow from January 28-30, 2005. more>>

Online Volunteer Mary Han

Mary Han is an online volunteer for the Northern Ugandan-based community service Agoro Community Development Association (ACDA). She has worked with ACDA since July 2004. In cooperation with Mr. Tom Fred Obonyo, Mary works by completing assignments via email. She recently helped revise the 2004/2005 annual proposals for the organisation.

In addition, she recently donated two large sacks of disused textbooks to the people of Northern Uganda. This valuable gift of educational materials included English literature, psychology, maths and physics textbooks in the hope the students of Agoro may find them useful towards rebuilding their lives. When asked how people may help other communities, she said "It doesn't take a large corporation [to help]. …It only takes a will and a sense of responsibility to execute what you are set out to do. "



Mary Han Mary Han, originally from South Korea, has been a resident in the USA the past ten years. She studies International Affairs at the Georgia Institute of Technology in Atlanta, Georgia, USA.


Dear RESPECT Australia

Isaac Davies of RESPECT Australia (former principal of Conakry Refugee School) gave a package of letters to an associate who, coincidentally, was on his way to Winnipeg to visit a friend of his. This friend called RESPECT International and dropped by with the package on Saturday, November 6. Many of the letters were addressed "Dear RESPECT Australia" — any schools in Australia interested in participating, please contact us at:

Mohomou Students Receive School Supplies

RESPECT received letters and a video from Boateng K. Samuel at Mohomou Refugee School, Republic of Guinea, West Africa. It was great to see the students at Mohomou as they received the school supplies we sent. Samuel also included Emmanuel Judy (Samuel's son — named after me) on the tape, which was great. He's so cute! (Just like his grandma!).



Thanks to the effort of RESPECT Nigeria Country Coordinator, Francis Abayomi, RESPECT received a package of letters from refugee students in Oru Refugee Camp, Nigeria. We are very excited to welcome RESPECT Nigeria as RESPECT's newest affiliate. A lovely ethnic suit for a man, made by refugee students in the camp, was sent along with this package to be sold through the RESPECT e-Store.

As in any newsletter or magazine, RESPECT e-zine is committed to striving for interesting articles and announcements concerning refugee issues all around the world.

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