ISSN 1710-6931 October 1, 2004 Issue 31

Football Healthy Outlet

One of the challenges in war torn regions is to find interesting and constructive activities for young people who are often traumatised and who do not have access to regular, structured education.

Tom Fred Obonyo, a RESPECT co-ordinator in Northern Uganda, has been instrumental in establishing six youth groups with the aim of finding a way of occupying the time of otherwise disengaged young people. more>>

Agoro Community Attacked

On 16th September ten people were abducted in a rebel attack on Agoro, with some food items and money also being taken.

Two of the boys – Otto Tom and Okeny – were aged just eleven and nine years old respectively. Three young people are still in the hands of the rebels – a young girl and two boys.

Tom Fred Obonyo, Respect Co-ordinator in Northern Uganda, says he has been told by Otto that he managed to escape when he was told to climb a tree, after being warned that he would be killed if he tried to escape. more>>



Camp Training Session ACDA RESPECT Co-ordinator training the community in the camp on human rights and good governance


Send an E-card to Help Sudan's Darfur Region

You can take action to provide assistance to the victims of the crisis in Sudan's Darfur region.

All you have to do is send a Sudan Action E-card to five friends and $1 (US) will be allocated from the NetAid Schoolhouse Fund to help CARE, one of NetAid's partners, to provide humanitarian assistance to refugees and displaced persons. more>>


Will Millennium Development Goals Impact Uganda?

It has been reported that about 50,000 students from Northern Uganda have left school due to the prevailing conflict in the region. The impact of the war in Northern Uganda has led to displacement of thousands of people in the communities. Most of them now are staying in the Internally Displaced Person (IDP) Camp. Many, especially youth and women, have died from the war, been abducted, or have been infected by HIV/AIDS. Children are left orphans. more>>

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