ISSN 1710-6931 September 3, 2004 Issue 29

Nepal Letter Exchange

A group of Bhutanese students living in the Sanischare Morang refugee camp in eastern Nepal has initiated a letter exchange with Highland Middle School, in Bellevue, Washington. Buddha Bir Gurung coordinated the exchange, encouraging over 25 students, aged 17-20, to write to the U.S. school about their lives in Nepal. According to Bir Gurung, the students eagerly await responses from their U.S. counterparts, in order to respond with more descriptions of their lives and questions about the U.S.

The Bhutanese students, who have lived in Nepalese refugee camps since 1992, describe themselves as intelligent and talented, as most students do. However, they are frustrated by their current education and life situation. The United Nations High Committee on Refugees (UNHCR) provides education through the eighth grade and the international non-governmental organization Caritas Nepal adds funds for two more years of education. But after grade 10 the Bhutanese students have few opportunities to further their education. more>>

Refugee School Receives Digital Video Camera

When I was called by the headmaster in N'zerekore, while on my way to an internet café to send a message to the RESPECT International coordinator, I thought it was for just the usual greeting of "Bonjour!" It turned out it was not just to say "Bonjour" but also to have a very good meeting.

I was invited to their warehouse, where I saw a very big white corton tied with paper tape and on it was written "Samuel K. Boateng" - I knew straightaway that Judy and her students had done it again. more>>


French School Joins Letter Exchange

Twenty French students aged 9-11 and their teacher from the South of France will receive letters from two different Congolese Refugee schools. The French school is located in a zone classified as a "Prior Education Zone" due to its social, economical and cultural underprivileged environment. The letter exchange will be integrated in an educational project about sustainable development and solidarity.

Dorowat Ethiopian Chicken

Total cooking time — Around 2 hours

Servers around 10 people — measurements should be adjusted accordingly. You won't need a starter before this dish! more>>

Website Enhancement in Progress

RESPECT recently moved its Forum to new software. David Gonzalez used the new software to set up a new avenue of communication with Country Coordinators from West Africa.

Prior to the move to the new software, the forum was hosted using software written and maintained by Aaron Romero. RESPECT is very thankful to Aaron for his generosity and commitment for maintaining the Forum. more>>

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