ISSN 1710-6931 August 20, 2004 Issue 28

Letter From A Refugee Student

Dear Mr. Marc Schaeffer,

I am Sedekie B. Kamara, student council president of the Laine Refugee School [Guinea] and contact person on penfriend issues.

My heart transformed into a bonanza of joy when I received your tremendous and excellent letter. Thank you for your concern and efforts in wishing to assist us with computers. more>>

Technology Helps Spread the Word

One of the great benefits of the Internet is it offers people across the globe the chance to share ideas on many topics.

Ankur Sharma, a volunteer with RESPECT, recently contributed to a LISTSERV discussion on strategies for introducing Human Rights Education (HRE) into primary and secondary schools. His contribution focused on RESPECT's Global Letter Exchange Program, which has successfully developed pen pal relationships between refugee and non-refugee young people. more>>



Thanks to the initiative of a volunteer, RESPECT will soon be using a multimedia presentation to spread awareness of refugee issues. Franck Hounsokou, a communications and video production student, is creating a video for RESPECT. The goal of the video is to provide another way for the organization's partners to learn more about refugee programs and RESPECT's activities. A short form of the video will serve as a public service announcement for media outlets.

Hounsokou approached RESPECT about working on a video after hearing about the organization through an acquaintance and RESPECT partner in Lagos, Nigeria. The chance to perfect his video editing skills while helping raise awareness of refugee concerns makes for an extremely rich experience, according to Hounsokou.

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